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Community News – 16 May 2019


From First Aid

Please be advised that two new adrenaline auto injectors are now available for people at risk of anaphylaxis. These include:

  1. The Mylan (generic version of the EpiPen)
  2. The Emerade.

If your child’s medical practitioner prescribes either of these adrenaline auto injectors, we ask that you please inform your child’s campus first aid coordinator as soon as possible.


Parent Focus Group

The Parent Focus Group offers an opportunity for parents to gather and share a parent’s perspective regarding school matters such as Catholic Identity, wellbeing, pathways and connectedness to the College. These groups will work to: 

  • Assist families to understand the College’s vision, mission and curriculum objectives;
  • Assist students to succeed at school;
  • Ensure students develop skills to operate efficiently in our constantly changing society;
  • Enhance the health and wellbeing of students.

Home/school partnerships provide the opportunity to develop a shared understanding of learning and the needs of adolescents. It is our intention to help parents support their children during their secondary schooling knowing that one of the most influential factors in creating success for students is you.

The Parent Focus Group will meet on 4 June from 6.30pm-7.30pm in the Hospitality Centre at the Beaconsfield Campus. You will have an opportunity to view the GPFLA and hear from Rachel Saliba, Executive Officer – Catholic School Parents Victoria.

Parents appointed to the Parent Focus Groups are expected to; 

  • Support the Catholic ethos of St Francis Xavier College;
  • Listen the opinions of others with respect, courtesy and fairness;
  • Be willing to engage in positive relationships;
  • Have the capacity to work as a team;
  • Commit to attend scheduled meetings;
  • Advocate for the College.


Should you wish to join the Parent Focus group please email Jennie Laukart



SIS Swimming Carnival

We are very proud of our students for placing 3rd overall in the SIS Division A Swimming Carnival. We won pennants in the U/13 boys, U/16 girls and U/17 girls. Congratulations to Year 10 student Melissa Woolf who set a new record in 50m Breast Stroke.


College Production – Spamalot

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, the culmination of twelve weeks of work was finally realized in the college musical Spamalot. This huge undertaking saw students lift to incredible standards as they sang, danced and acted their way into the audience’s hearts. The crowd roared with laughter at the antics of King Arthur, the Knights of Camelot, the French Taunter, Tim the Enchanter, Finnish Fish Slappers and the Lady of the Lake. Our backstage crew of ninjas, costumers, hair and makeup artists and Junior Academy assistants worked together to deliver a seamless show that had the audiences rolling with laughter.

Special thanks must go to the Production team: Erin Lalor, Carlos Escobar, Brianna Morey, Hayley Stone, Leah Gargano, Hayley Griffin, and Leah Rolfe.

Congratulations to the cast for bringing a classic show to life.


Mother’s Day

Our College Captains have shared their thoughts on Mother’s Day in honour of all of the wonderful mums within our community.

The mothers and families of St Francis Xavier College do many wonderful things each and every day for all of us. From the washing and ironing of school uniforms, making school lunches and then after that cooking dinner for the rest of the family. 

We take mums for granted sometimes and do not realise and be thankful for everything they do for us. 

As Mother’s Day was last Sunday, we should all take the time to show our appreciation by buying a gift or a simple gesture such as cooking breakfast or doing more around the house to help relieve some of the stress from the life.

Kailee and Matt
College Captains


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