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Catholic Identity – 27 June 2019


Year 11 Retreat

I am with Synan House on their Year 11 Retreat. The theme of the retreat is the unpacking of the concept of servant leadership, which shapes the discussions about leadership in Term 3 as our community discerns the new leaders for 2020. Often on Year 11 Retreat a student will come to the conclusion that they are capable of leading at St Francis Xavier College. Others realise that it is not for them, and both responses are fine.

Today the boys and girls of Synan House spent time in separate groups reflecting on what issues they face and articulated how to get the best out of one another as they learn together. This is repeated in the eight retreat sites across our region. In the beautiful setting of Somers with a view across to Phillip Island, students showed leadership, compassion, insight and wisdom as each group prepared a letter for the other. Here is what the students of Synan House said to each other today:

Dear Fellow student of St Francs Xavier College,

Thank you for being a friend to me. I am a better person because of you.

I seek your understanding and help in achieving my goals, and commit to supporting you to do the same.


I can learn at my best when:

Girls to Boys

  • You act like yourself
  • You’re supportive
  • You treat me how you want to be treated

Boys to Girls

  • We are seen as equals
  • Treat each other without judgement


I hope that together we can achieve our goals by:

Girls to Boys

  • Supporting and encouraging me
  • Not judging me

Boys to Girls

  • Working together
  • Respecting each other’s opinions
  • Finding a compromise to work together


I am most comfortable with you when:

Girls to Boys

  • You have our backs
  • Work with us and not against us
  • We trust each other

Boys to Girls

  • We have gotten to know each other
  • Built a relationship
  • We are open and not hiding anything
  • You show your true self and share your skills


I listen you when:

Girls to Boys

  • You are calm
  • Make us feel welcome
  • You share your vulnerability
  • Don’t hide your emotions
  • You are being honest
  • You don’t approach with aggressiveness and are genuine

Boys to Girls

  • You are respectful to me for who I am
  • You are respectful and positive
  • You need to share your emotions and we hope that we can do the same


I don’t listen to you when:

Girls to Boys

  • You mock us or think you are being funny
  • You are negative, condescending or arrogant

Boys to Girls

  • Disrespect me
  • Don’t make an effort
  • Are rude and inconsiderate


Thank you for helping me grow towards becoming the best person I can be. 


Your Fellow Student.

All sites are reporting a very positive and productive few days. The students are enjoying their time together, forging new and stronger relationships, and setting stronger foundations for their final time at the College.


RE Subject Selection for 2020

Over the next few weeks, Year 9 and 10 students will be choosing their RE Units for 2020. It is very important that students choose their units wisely. Last year, a number of students chose units that they were not interested in, ultimately affecting the tone of some RE classes. It is very important then, that students choose the topics that they are interested in as numbers of classes are created according to this choice. Please take in interest in this process with your student. We are blessed to be in a school that offers so much choice in the RE lines.

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