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Catholic Identity – 21 March 2019


Project Compassion

Fundraising is well under way for our Lenten campaign. At the Berwick and Officer Campuses on Wednesday, students completed a run with buckets of water at lunchtime to highlight the plight of people (including children) in developing countries who have to collect water for their families each day.


From Caritas Website:

Caritas Australia is part of a global network that spans over 200 countries and territories. For over 110 years, Caritas has worked towards the creation of a just world. In 1964, Caritas began in Australia. A Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development, Caritas is Latin for love + compassion – two qualities which are central to their work. Close to ninety cents in each dollar goes to the people who are helped through the fundraising campaign.

The facts:

People living in poverty often live in conditions which cause or exacerbate health problems. Lack of access to clean water and sanitation exposes people to infection and diseases such as diarrhoea. Lack of nutritious food causes malnutrition and makes people more vulnerable to disease.

Many such health issues are preventable or treatable, but people living in poverty are often unable to access and pay for basic healthcare and medicines.

Furthermore, poor countries are less capable of funding a functioning public health system. These problems are compounded in rural areas, where access to healthcare is even more difficult.

Caritas Australia’s response

Caritas Australia believes that every woman, man and child has the right to basic healthcare and that this access is essential for lifting themselves out of poverty. We also recognise that health is determined by a range of factors, including living conditions, access to clean water, nutritious food supply and education. Therefore, our health activities are frequently integrated into our holistic community development programs.

Our health activities include:

    • Providing education on basic health and nutrition issues for communities

    • Training members of communities to become health educators and health professionals such as midwives

    • Increasing the availability and quality of healthcare services, including diagnostic testing and medicines

    • Providing medical care in humanitarian crisis situations to people in need, including refugees and victims of violence

    • Working with communities to promote healthier living conditions, such as access to clean water and improved sanitation facilities.” (

Parents are invited to give to Project compassion through reception. Your student can give to Care Group campaigns in class. Just one dollar makes a difference!


Fund raising for fire relief (alongside Caritas for the remainder of the term)

As you are aware many families have been impacted by the recent fires. We have been asked to provide hampers/goods for SVDP to deliver to families in Tonimbuk. As a priority we have been asked to donate hampers that could include shampoo, conditioner, soap/body wash, hand lotions etc.

We would love to hand these over to staff at the Pakenham SVDP during the last week of term. Each House will be given a basket to invite students to bring these items next week. Parents may donate items at Student reception.


Stations of the Cross

Our Ministry classes at Year 11 and Year 12 Religious Education, along with the creative RE units at the junior Campuses are preparing for our annual presentation of the Stations of the Cross on the final day of term one. We are looking forward to the creative expression of Jesus’ journey through his trail, death and resurrection, as interpreted by the students.


Prayers for today

A prayer for peace. We especially remember the victims of the senseless attack in Christchurch. As families grieve loved ones, let us remember them in our prayers and thoughts. We have called the local Islamic schools this week to offer empathy and support. Each school contacted has appreciated our words of comfort greatly.

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