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Catholic Identity – 12 March 2020


Highlights of the past fortnight in our Catholic Identity:

  • Berwick Swimming Carnival ran a Project Compassion BBQ and raised a great amount.
  • Commencement Masses at Berwick and Officer Campuses – a wonderful expression of faith – student leaders were blessed. Student testimonies sharing their faith were a highlight, great courage shown by those who took the opportunity to lead. Junior Cantabile featured at these Masses for the first time.
  • Campus Mass at Beaconsfield – we trailed a new way of setting up the hall – our Liturgy Captains wanted students to feel closer and more included in the physical setting and in the liturgy itself. They also shared their own testimony of why they wanted to be a liturgy captain. Cantabile are beginning to play and sing the new hymns for 2020 and sounded wonderful at this Mass.
  • Soup Van Workshop at Avila College – four of our Year 11 and 12 soup van participants shared their experience of Berwick Soup Van with Year 10 students from Avila. Our students named the development of human dignity as the major outcome of their work – to get to know people as they shared food.


In our Masses we are seeking to use language that students can understand and relate to. Here are a selection of prayers we used at Beaconsfield Campus Mass. Let us pray at this time of uncertainty that we will be the hands and heart of God for our world.

Prayer 1: As you know our College theme, chosen by us is: Be the Hands and Heart of God. Have you shared love and kindness this term? Have we been a sign of God’s love and active in building a community where everyone is welcome?

Oh God, as we gather as a community seeking your help in being your hands in the world today, be with us, draw out your Spirit from our open hearts. Inspire us to compassion and hope.


 Prayer 2: Prayer at the Gospel:


Jesus be in my mind (‘+’ on forehead). Jesus, be in my speaking (‘+’ on lips). Jesus, be in my heart (‘+’ on heart) and for 2020: Jesus, be in my hands. (‘+’ on hands)

Prayer 3: Our words, actions and hopes are with you now O Lord. Make them into the hands and heart of your Son, Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayer 4: We have encountered you Lord in our gathering, singing, listening and sharing of your body and blessing. We are grateful, Through Christ our Lord. All: Amen


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