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Catholic Identity – 13 February 2020


Year 12 Reflection Days

Last week, our Year 12 students spent two reflection days off campus at various venues.

There were many highlights, including the wonderful presence of Fr Rob Galea, a priest and international artist. Fr Rob commented that he loves interacting with the community of St Francis Xavier College – he finds our students have great faith.

On the Monday evening, families were invited to share a meal with staff at our Beaconsfield Campus. Over three hundred and fifty people attended and was an enjoyable celebration of the connection between parents, staff and students


Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund

The Vice-President of Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund (GERF) visited all three Campuses on Tuesday February 4th. Much generosity has come from Lynda Bertoli’s visit. Bishop Patrick O’Regan has asked all parishes and schools to donate to Vinnies or GERF. Year 12’s gave $736 to Lynda after her presentation, and casual days to raise funds for GERF are occurring at the Berwick and Officer Campuses this week.

Pastoral Letter to Parish and School Communities RE Bushfires 


Project Compassion

St Francis Xavier College is hosting Diocese of Sale schools for the Project Compassion Launch with Bishop Patrick O’Regan on Shove Tuesday 25 February. Our students will lead the celebration, and Gwen Michener from Caritas will be with us to present the focus for 2020. Caritas are aware of the needs of our community, and so will direct some of the funds to local needs.


Ash Wednesday

Following Shrove Tuesday, our community will celebrate Ash Wednesday on 26 February, which marks the beginning of Lent. The Ash Wednesday service has its origins in the early church; ashes symbolise our origin and destiny, and with the love of God added we become renewed and transformed at every level of existence. Prayer, fasting and giving is the way to bring life and energy to our existence.

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