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Berwick News – 14 June 2018


Uniform Shop holiday opening hours

Closed: Monday 2 July until Monday 7 July.

Open: Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11, Thursday 12 and Saturday 14 July.


Berwick Campus Traffic Trial

A reminder about the traffic trial in place at the Berwick Campus for the month of June.

The St. Francis Xavier College Executive along with the City of Casey, Victoria Police and St. Catherine’s Primary School have collaborated to put in place strategies to enhance the traffic flow coming in and out of the school during peak times.

The new traffic measures are part of a trial for the month of June.

 In short, the traffic measures put in place can be summarised as follows:

  • Right hand turns will not be permitted into or from Ridgemont Drive during school speed time zones of 8am – 9:30am and 2:30pm – 4:00pm.
  • Cars wishing to turn into the schools will do so via a left hand turn only. Cars will need to turn at the roundabout on the corner of Ridgemont Drive and Flowerfield Court so they are positioned to do a left hand turn back into the schools.
  • Keep Clear signs will be added outside of the St. Francis Xavier College bus bays on Ridgemont Drive to allow for the safe exit of school buses from the bus bays.
  • Coloured pedestrian crossings will be added to each driveway entrance. Please give way to all pedestrians using these crossing when turning into the schools. These pedestrian crossings will be a permanent feature at the schools.
  • The speed limit on school grounds will remain at 5 km. This speed is equivalent to walking pace.
  • During this time Police, Casey City Council and school personnel will monitor the impact of these restrictions with a view to make this permanent if the trial is successful, as is anticipated.

Thanks for your support with these changes


Year 9 Examinations

Congratulations to all Year 9 students who undertook examinations in the areas of English, Mathematics and Science last week. The show of support by students attending after-school workshops in the lead up to examinations was in excess of 150 on a frequent basis. If this is any indication, we are looking forward to some outstanding results!

Thanks to our Learning Culture Leaders; Ms. Nicole Brennan and Ms. Rachel MacDonald for their efforts in guiding our Year 9 students and coordinating the examination process and all Year 9 staff for giving up time to support students along the way.


HOL Pizza Night

It was wonderful to see so many parents come out and support their sons and daughter’s at the Hands on Learning Pizza Night. This is traditionally a fantastic opportunity to showcase much of the wonderful work undertaken by our students in this unique and beneficial program. School projects such as Billycart construction, HOL paving and the upgrade and maintenance of our Japanese reflective garden area were all highlighted during the evening. It was also fun to see students sharing a slice of pizza with their parents. Thanks to Allan Grigg and John Hoogerbrugge for their leadership and coordination of such a great program.


Clip and Climb

As part of the Health and Fitness unit, several classes attended the local ‘Clip and Climb’ centre to foster and develop their skills in teamwork, coordination, resilience and self-belief. Engaging local centres like these are not only beneficial for students but also build up school identity within our local community. Thanks to Mr. Kane Podesta for organising such an outing for our students.


St Vinnie’s Festival 

On 28 May, the Berwick and Officer Liturgy captains travelled to St Brigid’s for the Mini Vinnie’s festival gathering. Multiple schools arrived at the venue and played some games to start off the day. Throughout the day we discussed what the St Vincent de Paul Society is and what they do to help others that are need. The primary school students were able to have a new perspective and understanding of how they can help St Vincent de Paul reach their goal. We also participated in a mass with Father Jeff and it was fun to see St Brigid students taking initiative in reading passages for the mass. The highlight of the day was bonding with the Berwick Liturgy captains. Every time we meet we become closer and closer and it’s fun to know that we are working as one team. Overall, the day was very fun and successful.

Gabrielle Olvina



Religious Education News

‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except though me.’ (John 14:6)

Many of our staff and students have been deeply affected by the passing of Nathan Forsyth. Prayers were offered across the College in various contexts following his passing. It was moving to witness the high esteem in which he was held, and the sincere prayers that were offered for the repose of his soul and for his family and friends. The motto of our College is often used at funeral rituals. In this narrative, the writer of John shows Jesus preparing his friends for his death. ‘In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places.’ Jesus was looking at his friends in front of him as he said these words – in other words, belief in Jesus means God dwells in the here and now within believers. The indwelling of God in the here and now brings comfort and hope. It is this comfort of God’s presence that was witnessed this week in groups of students and staff who gathered to honour Nathan and pray for his family and friends in various contexts. We continue to offer our prayers and thoughts at this challenging time. 

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace, Amen.

House Masses: 

Next Friday our Houses will celebrate Mass in six of our local Parishes. The Houses come together from across the three Campuses to recognise the role of parishes in school life. We would not be here without our parishes and celebrating Mass in our ‘local parish’ – our House, enables students and staff to touch base with our purpose as a Catholic school.



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