Berwick Campus – 8 August 2019


Berwick Campus Vision – A Culture of Excellence

The word culture can be defined simply as behaviours displayed by the majority in any given community or subset of people. At the Berwick Campus this translates to the way we behave in two significant, yet distinct areas.

  1. Achievement – In this area our culture of excellence challenges all staff and students to do three things on a regular basis.
  2. Forethought – Make every effort to connect with the crux of the lesson in an effort to not only relate to the concept, but to also raise critical questions about How and Why to promote deeper consideration and enhance motivation to learn more.
  3. Performance – To collaborate with others to execute tasks in a fashion that best highlights an individual’s understanding of what has been taught- through the lens of differentiation
  4. Evaluation – To internally reflect on one’s performance in a myriad of ways that supersede that of just the awarded result eg How would I prepare differently next time? What would I change? What did I do really well to enhance next time? What feedback have I been given, how will I implement that?
  5. Character – In this area students are encouraged to become people for others in the Catholic tradition;
  6. How do I contribute to the well-being of others?
  7. What values do I promote/uphold on a daily basis?

To summarise simply, our Culture of Excellence asks all stake holders to: Do your best and Be your best.


Zoo Comes to You

Experiential learning was on show at the Berwick Campus with the arrival of the Zoo Comes to You program. This is a hands-on active learning approach to give our science students the chance to observe and interact with a range of native animals whilst learning about their habits and lifestyle in the name of biology.

Baby crocodiles, pythons and small native mammals were introduced to a range of classes throughout the day which promoted curiosity and motivation to learn more.

Thanks to Ian Butler for coordinating this beneficial experience for our students.


Year 7 Spanish

Our Year 7 Spanish classes are well underway for Semester 2! Here are some of their presentation about themselves and their hobbies. ¡Fantástico!


Student News

Congratulations to Keeley Burgmann (Year 9, Thomas) who recently travelled to Caloundra, QLD, for the National Titles, SSV, Under 15 Netball representing Victoria. Keeley has been playing in the centre and the Victorian team has been very successful in making the Grand Final against South Australia.

Congratulations also to Harvey Anderson (Year 8, McDonagh) for finishing 2nd in the state at the Cross-Country State championships on Saturday. He also entered the teams event and his team finished 1st in the state, well done!

Well done to the St Francis Xavier College Year 7 Rugby team who participated in the recent South East Region Gala day. Overall, the boys came 2nd on the day and as a result have progressed through to the State Championships on 24 August. Thanks to Andrew MacLeish for his coaching expertise along the way.


Seas of Sustainability Competition

Last month some of our keen environmentally conscious students took part in the UN Seas of Sustainability competition, raising awareness for our oceans as part of the UN’s Sustainability and Development Goal – Life Below Water.

Students across Australia were asked to design a digital poster with accompanying writing in support of their entry, to promote awareness of climate change and other environmental issues.

From all the entries across Australia, it is a delight to announce that two SFXC students received prizes; Nate Keysers winning an incredible first place, and Prachi Verma achieving an equally impressive third place. They personally have the choice of where they wish to donate their $500 (first place) and $100 (third place) charitable prize. In addition, their work will also be showcased at UN events, including UN Day and World Oceans Day next year! Gabrielle Singh also received a high commendation.

Prachi said, I am very excited and proud of myself. It’s a great feeling knowing I am helping the animals in the oceans!

Nate said, It’s awesome, I’m now ready to keep going to change the world

Thanks to Siobhan Paul for her input and guidance with our students along the way.

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