Berwick Campus – 7 March 2019


Ash Wednesday

Lent is the season which reminds us to prepare the way of the lord, a time where self-sacrifice is expressed in many different forms to highlight the notion of selflessness, a time to become a person for others. The key elements are promoted during this time:

Prayer – Devoting time to spend with God

Fasting – The idea of sacrifice or going without

Giving – Service to others

The Student Representative Council were very active in the lead up to Ash Wednesday by serving pancakes in the tradition of Shrove Tuesday this culminated in a reflective Ash Wednesday service held in the Hall the following day to signify the beginning of this significant liturgical season.


Year 7 Camp

Congratulations to all Year 7 students that participated in the last week’s camp at the PGL Campaspe Downs campsite based in Kyneton. The main focus for the camp was on transition and getting to know both peers and staff whilst developing confidence, resilience and teamwork in a series of various scenarios.

Whilst visiting the camp on the first day it was really pleasing to see students willing to show initiative and support each other.

A reflective liturgy was also held on the second evening to remind us that God is present in all aspects of our lives.

Thanks to all staff who gave up their time to attend camp but also in particular to our Heads of House, Year 7 Learning Culture Leaders Rosalie Harding and Sheona Townsend and to Siobhan Paul who has done a wonderful job as Camp Coordinator overseeing the outdoor program for both Berwick and Officer Campus.


Inquiry Learning

The new inquiry learning curriculum looks to develop in students the ability to think critically, construct theories and test them. Often this is done in groups where students have to collaborate closely with one another.

To promote teamwork, trust and understanding in this subject, students recently had to navigate their partners (who were blindfolded) through a “minefield” of tennis balls.

Whilst having lots of fun, students were also developing the ability to coordinate and interpret clear instructions and put one’s trust in the care of another.



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