Berwick Campus – 30 May 2019



Congratulations to all Year 7 and 9 students who recently undertook the NAPLAN assessments online last week. VCAA approved the opportunity for students to re-sit the Year 9 Writing assessment due to some connectivity issues that occurred from their server at the time. Any students that believed that their assessment was significantly affected as a result had the opportunity to re-sit last Monday.

Thanks to our Director of Learning Culture, Kelly Ryan who has coordinated such a large operation in a campus of our size.

We look forward to analysing the NAPLAN data to highlight areas of growth for our students along with the opportunity to use valid data to inform future areas of focus in the name of student achievement.


Benefit Mindset Challenge

Recently, the Berwick Campus, along with the rest of the College undertook the Benefit Mindset Challenge. This is a project that highlights the importance of gratitude and making the effort to be supportive and kind. The notion of paying it forward in the name of servant leadership has long been a foundation principle of the Catholic ethos and over the last 21 days so many students have reached out to staff, parents and their peers. Acts of kindness undertaken at the Berwick Campus include;

  • I lent my charger to another student for the day
  • I enjoyed opening doors for teachers
  • I assisted a student who had dropped their books
  • I bought someone lunch
  • I baked a cake for my friend’s birthday
  • I volunteered to read the bulletin during Care Group
  • I let the Year 7 students get to their locker first in the locker bay
  • I helped mum with the dishes
  • I donated money to charity
  • I said hello to someone I didn’t know at school
  • I picked up rubbish that was not mine
  • I bought someone a calippo

It is through initiatives promoting goodwill such as these that reinforce our theme for 2019; We Grow Together.


Hands On Learning

Thanks to the Hands on Learning Team who have been working hard recently on the Bikes for Humanity project, which promotes the donation of adult bicycles to be shipped over to West Africa.

To have use of a bicycle in many villages allows access to so much, including transportation of water, and the ability to travel to and from work.

Our Hands on Learning Team, collect the bicycles, dismantle the front wheel and help pack the crates to be shipped off. Keep up the great work team!


Student News

Congratulations to Georgia Pettinella (Year 9) who is representing Australia in South Africa in a show-dancing dancing competition in July. Fantastic effort and good luck!


Sienna O’loan (Year 8) has just returned from an amazing experience competing in the 2019 Global Dance and Cheer Games, which was hosted in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sienna’s team performed with no deductions on both days of comp, and they placed 2nd in their division! Fantastic work!

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