Berwick Campus – 27 June 2019

All staff, students and parents of the Berwick Campus community are wished a safe and enjoyable mid-semester break after a most productive Semester 1. We look forward to your return for the commencement of Term 3.

Reminder: The first day back of Term 3 is Tuesday 16 July. Monday 15 July is a student free day allowing for teaching collaboration on curriculum development.


Siblings starting Year 7 in 2021

The College is now processing enrolments for Year 7 2021. If you have a child who will be enrolling at the College for Year 7 2021 and you have not yet submitted an application form, please click here to download a form, or alternatively a form can be picked up from any Campus Reception.

Enrolment forms must be completed and returned to the College by 26 July 2019 to secure your child’s place for 2021. Enrolment Interviews for these students will be taking place at the end of August 2019.


Students of the Term



Year 7 Music Performance

The inaugural Year 7 Music performance took place the Berwick Hall last Tuesday morning with lots of parents on hand to see their children perform. Students performed a series of musical items including; Split Decision, When the Saints go Marching in and Baby Shark to showcase their talents.

Given that many students involved in the concert were only learning a musical instrument for the first time, this event was hugely successful, providing a real context for student learning. A big acknowledgement to our music staff including: Leah Rolfe, Daniel Beinke, Kieran Rafferty, Carmen Robertson and Max Slorach for all of their efforts

Year 9 Inquiry Based Learning Presentation Evening

Congratulations to the Year 9 students who were part of the Inquiry Expo held in the Berwick Hall last week.

Inquiry Based Learning is a subject in which small groups of students pick an investigative topic of interest and generate some key questions to ultimately arrive at a series of conclusions regarding this topic. At the Expo, students were most creative in the way that they presented this information on the night.

The standout however was how thoroughly students could articulate their findings on the concepts studied and apply critical thinking skills taught. Thanks to our Year 9 Learning Culture Leaders: Todd Zadow and Nicole Brennan who coordinated the evening along with the Inquiry Based Staff.


Hands On Learning Award

It was a pleasure to recently attend the Hands On Learning conference in Frankston to receive an award on behalf of the Berwick Campus.

This award was acknowledging the long standing partnership between St Francis Xavier College (Berwick Campus) and Hands on Learning, that being 10 years.

We are delighted to continue this partnership which benefits so many students at our College. Special thanks to Allan Grigg for his leadership of this program and look forward to our collaboration with HOL continuing into the future.


Student News

Congratulations to Harvey Anderson – Year 8 McDonagh who has qualified for the National Cross Country to represent St Francis Xavier College (Berwick Campus). Harvey finished in 9th place (out of 156) with the top 16 runners qualifying for nationals. The National Cross Country Championship is held on August 24, in Wollongong.


Principal’s address to Berwick Assembly: 24/06/19

Good afternoon students, staff and friends of St Francis Xavier College here at Berwick Campus. Thank you for your invitation to address to on your theme of joy.

I would like to also pay my respects to the indigenous peoples of this land and to their elders past, present and emerging. I thank them for their careful stewardship of this land which has given us such a beautiful country to live in.


What brings a smile to my face?

What helps me look forward to the day, the event, the moment?

What rewards me for the effort of being a parent, a teacher, a Principal?

What keeps me going to the football when my team keeps losing?

Tiny things; flashes of insight, fleeting but rewarding and energising hints that things are headed in the right direction, moments that tell me that life is beautiful and meaningful.

The truth for me is that happiness is a consequence of many moments of joy: being uplifted by hope, by pride in achievement, by seeing growth in others; by a loose collection of moments dotted throughout a day, a week or a year that come together or just pile upon each other to create an impact.

I love hearing my grandson learning how to read. He is in prep. And suddenly this year the words are making sense to him. He will find his own joy in that ability.

Or seeing some staff member thrive in their new leadership role. Or hearing them talk about how much they love their work, their students.

Or catching a glimpse of a cloud, a bird, a wild animal whilst out riding. Or just being out riding.

The kindness of a friend.

The memory of old friends or family.

The satisfaction of a plan working out.

A photo that pleases my eye.

Or finding something for my collection of old boxes. Or a new miniature bronze.

Or seeing a moment in a dance performance that surprises. A transition that is athletic or just creative.

This is part of my list. There are more but I think you get the point. I find moments of joy in my personal, family, social, cultural, sporting and working life.

What would be on your list?


Vincent J Feeney

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