Berwick Campus – 26 March 2020


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Thank you to staff, students and parents for the amazing way in which the year has commenced at Berwick. The theme of Be the Hands and Heart of God has been evident in many ways this term including:

  • Successful transition of our Year 7 students;
  • Exciting school events that develop Campus Spirit eg. House Swimming Carnival;
  • Our Year 9 students who have shown leadership by supporting and welcoming our Year 7 students;
  • New teaching staff at Berwick that have embraced the essence of Positive Learning Partnerships;
  • The efforts of all the school community in the area of social justice to support charities like the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund (GERF) for bushfire assistance and raising funds for CARITAS;


Benefit Mindset Challenge

This initiative is fast becoming a welcomed tradition on the campus calendar. It is about being mindful in the art of paying it forward.

For the last 21 days, students and staff have made a conscious effort to extend kindness and gratitude in many different ways to others in an effort to make others feel welcome, supported and connected as a school community. Some examples include; tidying lockers areas, notes of gratitude to teachers, smiling at someone you don’t know and implanting a daily good deed like carrying someone’s books to class.

Below is an explicit example from Ms Rebecca Connors’ Care Group where all students took the time to write individual expressions of thanks and gratitude to local workers at Coles Supermarket at Eden Rise given the pressure many of them had been under due to the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak.

See two examples from Raphaell Wagner (7 White) and Tae Rooke (9White) – great effort!



Student of the Term 1 2020

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved the Principal’s award below.

This will be presented in Term 2 conditions permitting.


Year 7

Caitlyn Bell – Schneider House

  • Great team player
  • Successful transition into Year 7 life
  • Supportive to peers
  • Shows leadership skills


Jack Pace – Thomas House

  • Punctual and polite
  • Always willing to support
  • Mature attitude
  • Excellent leadership on camp


Year 8

Julianne Lorenzo – Gallagher House

  • Positive attitude everyday
  • Strong work ethic
  • Strives for excellence
  • Reflects our theme – Hands/Heart of God

Ryan Woolf – Burgess House

  • Showed effort to improve academically
  • Supports House in every aspect
  • Perseveres in pursuit of excellence
  • Always shows unconditional respect for others


Year 9

Lexis Schade – Synan House

  • Wears uniform with pride
  • Shows courage to support House events
  • Always polite and positive
  • Helpful and supportive

Hayden Boucher – McKenna House

  • Positive outlook daily
  • Connects with Care group
  • Independent worker
  • Strives to improve


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