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Berwick Campus – 26 July 2018


These surveys are filled out by all key stakeholders within the school community and provide significant feedback regarding many aspects of daily life at St. Francis Xavier College. A random selection of parents have had this survey sent to them recently, a selection of Year 7,8 and 9 classes will also fill this survey in during the first week of term and staff also had the opportunity to participate in the survey on the first day back. Could selected parents please ensure that these surveys are completed by no later than Friday, August 3 and thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.

Term 2 Students of the Term

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded the Principal’s – Student of the Term award. Such is the demand with so many nominations for this award each term. College Principal – Mr. Feeney has permitted one boy and one girl in each year level to be recognised.

Year 7 – Rose Gore (Synan)

  • Works hard and endeavours to push herself to achieve high results – academic excellence at its best
  • A very proactive and positive student. Is very focused and gets the job done above standard.
  • Seeks out extracurricular opportunities and gives many things a go in many House and Care group activities.

Year 7 – Darcy O’Donnell (McKenna)

  • All-round performer
  • Always willing to lend support at House events
  • Great sense of humor – great will to persist

Year 8 – Adele Carthew (Thomas)

  • Consistently doing the right thing
  • Helpful both to staff and students
  • Perfectly dressed at all times – high work ethic

Year 8 – Thomas Cigetic (Schneider)

  • Willing to give all activities 100% effort
  • Great work ethic
  • Always polite, supports others

Year 9 – Georgia Bucca (Burgess)

  • Has taken on every challenge presented to her with a positive mindset since she joined us here at SFX
  • Reliable and responsible and has coped with her position of leadership within her Care Group with ease
  • Greets both staff and other students with a warm smile and genuine kindness
  • A great role model to younger students

Year 9 – Johann Cabarrubias (Gallagher)

  • Great role model
  • Never stops trying
  • Proven leadership skills – kind to all

Year 8 Medieval Day

Thank you to our Year 8 Learning Culture Leaders; Ms Kate Bamford and Ms Hayley Griffin for organising a highly interactive series of activities for our Year 8 History students to help solidify their understanding of medieval history. Specialised sessions on various aspects of medieval life included; Games and Leisure, Weapons and Armour, Fashion and Etiquette and Music and Entertainment. Experiential activities of this nature enhance motivation which in turn aids the absorption of deeper learning.









Hands on Learning – Billy Carts

Well done to Allan Grigg and John Hoogerbrugge in guiding our ‘Hands on Learning’ students to try out their Billy carts at the Scout Park in Pakenham late last term. Students have planned and assembled their Billy-carts from spare parts of cars, bicycles and other useful scrap metal.

This day is traditionally eagerly awaited by HOL students and this year was no exception. A great sense of achievement and accomplishment can be seen on students’ faces whilst behind the wheel.

Some of these Billy-carts were on display at Parliament House earlier this year during a special ‘Hands on Learning’ Expo which gave some St Francis Xavier students the chance to chat to politicians about the exciting work they do in this program.










Student News

Congratulations to Harvey Anderson – Year 7 (McDonagh) who finished second at the School Sport Victoria Cross-Country championships. Harvey now progresses onto the National Championships in Queensland, representing not only our school but the state.

Good luck Harvey!

Victorian Netball Championships

Thanks to Adam Lawrence, Josh Wright, Sam Rowe and Julie Williams for coaching and coordinating the St Francis Xavier Boys and Girls netball teams at the Victorian Netball Championships held last week. Both teams performed successfully during the day representing the school admirably. The girls finished second for the day overall whilst the boys finished in first place booking themselves a spot in the state finals in the near future. Well done to all.

Traffic Law Enforcement by Victoria Police

St Francis Xavier College is committed to creating a safe environment for our students, parents, staff and visitors. As such we have been working with the local authorities to enforce traffic restrictions around each of the Campuses. Please note that there will be enhanced Victorian Police presence at all of the Campuses to enforce Road Laws especially in relation to parking restrictions, speeding and obeying traffic signs.

Parents  and  Guardians at the Berwick campus should note especially the new restrictions on right hand turns. Right hand turns will not be permitted into or from Ridgemont Drive during school speed time zones of 8am – 9:30am and 2:30pm – 4:00pm. Cars wishing to turn into the school will do so via a left hand turn only. Cars will need to turn at the roundabout on the corner of Ridgemont Drive and Flowerfield Court so they are positioned to do a left hand turn back into the schools.

Finally a reminder that Parents and Guardians may not enter the school grounds at the Officer and Beaconsfield Campus to drop off or pick up students.

Fines for such breaches of the road laws are listed below:

  • Failing to obey the no right hand turn is $201.00
  • Double parking – $95
  • Stopped – obstructing access to footpath $ 95 (potentially when cars are banked up in the driveway and forcing students to walk around their stationary vehicles)
  • Stopping on a school crossing – $ 159
  • At a school crossing – failing to stop and remain stopped when hand held stop sign is displayed or pedestrians entering/on crossing $ 396 and 3 demerit points
  • Driving on footpath, which also includes driving on the nature strip $159

The College would like to thank the Victorian Police for their support in implementing strategies to improve the traffic flow around each campus to improve the safety for all.

Invitation to Paddy’s Kitchen:

Paddy’s Kitchen is an outreach of St Patrick’s Parish that provides a FREE Roast Dinner to families in need or to those who are finding life difficult at the moment. NEXT serving will be Sunday 5 August, commencing at 5.30pm with dinner served at 6pm in the St. Patrick’s  Parish Hall. ALL WELCOME

Paddys Kitchen Flyer and Directions



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