Berwick Campus – 21 February 2019


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Student Voice

When visiting Year 7 classes over the past week, students were asked for their reflections on St Francis Xavier College – Berwick thus far, comments included:

The staff always show respect towards the students

The older students have been really helpful

The teachers are understanding when we bring the wrong books or come a little late to class as we are getting used to the timetable


Home-School Partnership – Positive Parental Influence

Thanks to all parents and students for attending a beneficial Year 7 Information evening last week. The focus was on strengthening the home-school partnership and positive ways to take an interest and have positive input into your child’s learning journey at St Francis Xavier College. 

10 Tips for Effective Parent Engagement in the Home School Partnership

Here are 10 ways to keep your teen on track to succeed in secondary school.

  1. Attend Information Evenings and Student Progress Meetings
    Parental presence at these events shows both respect and commitment to the school and education in general

  2. Visit the School and become familiar with its website and channels of communication
    The more this becomes habit the more parents are aware of what is happening and expected of students at school

  3. Support Homework Expectations
    Create a dedicated place to study, free of distraction

  4. Send Your Teen to School Ready to Learn
    Healthy breakfast and facilitate healthy sleeping habits

  5. Instill Organizational Skills
    It also helps for teens to make prioritized daily to-do lists, and to study and do homework in a well-lit, quiet, orderly work space. You can remind your teen that when it comes to studying and homework, multitasking is a time-waster. Working in an environment free of distractions like TV and phones works best.

  6. Offer Help with Studying
    Asking thought provoking questions can promote valuable discussion and shows interest

  7. Know the Disciplinary and Bullying Policies
    It’s important for your child to know what’s expected at school and that you’ll support the school’s consequences when expectations aren’t met.

  8. Get Involved
    Parents and guardians can get involved by having regular discussions with your child to see how best you can support them outside of helping them solve problems with homework.

  9. Take Attendance Seriously
    Consistent attendance at school is one of the prime indicators of academic success

  10. Make Time to Talk About School
    Ask open-ended questions to promote deep conversation rather than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. e.g. What classes did you have today? 


Year 7 Camp

Good luck to all Year 7 students and staff that are heading off to PGL Camp at Campaspe Downs next week. Please ensure that all medication is sent to school before Monday morning with clear instructions and the medical consent form that can be accessed on PAM.

With regards water activities, the college has in place a number of strategies to cater for students of all levels of competence to ensure that they have the opportunity to participate whilst feeling confident to do so.


Campus Facilities Updates

The Berwick Campus has had a number of positive changes to upgrade facilities for students to enhance their learning and enjoyment at school. It was most pleasing to see the new multi-purpose quadrangle available for student use last week.

The quadrangle caters for a vast array of sports and is also compatible with sports equipment used in the hall for easy interchangeability e.g. Volleyball nets. It is enclosed by a two-lane 105m running track and provides a vibrant and exciting area to be accessed when classes are conducted outside.

Thanks to Stephen McKenna and the maintenance team for the great job they have done is assisting with this upgrade.

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