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Berwick Campus – 18 October 2018

Berwick Campus Upgrade

Over the latter stages of Term 3 and during the school holidays, a number of maintenance works have been undertaken to upgrade facilities and learning conditions for our staff and students.

These include:

  • The installation and completion of our multi-functional quadrangle complete with artificial surface, sporting area and running track
  • New outdoor setting to facilitate outside classes under the Sun Smart shade sail area
  • Maintenance works undertaken to update the look of classrooms in the White, Gallagher and McKenna buildings
  • Some classrooms have been refurnished as a result of a recent furniture/facility audit, these include Schneider 6, McDonagh 3/4 and the iCommunicate area in the LRC.
  • Installation of garden beds outside the Synan building area

We are delighted to see these upgrades continue to progress at the Berwick Campus for the benefit of our staff and students and we thank our business manager, Conor McAleese and the maintenance team for all of their efforts particularly over the holiday break.


Term 3 Student of the Term

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the prestigious ‘Student of the Term’ award. This is a Principal’s award handed to those students who contribute significantly to the life of the school community.


Year 7 Girl

Mariah Ireland


·        Successful transition

·        Kind/thoughtful student

·        Very supportive to others

·        Positive attitude


Year 7 Boy

CJay Paul

·        Shows great determination

·        Applies GRIT consistently

·        Proven to overcome obstacles

·        Perseveres


Year 8 Girl

Olivia Lawrence

·        Achieves high academic results

·        Show great leadership with peers

·        An all rounder

·        Encouraging, kind and caring


Year 8 Boy


·        Never gives up

·        Presents well in uniform

·        Can be relied upon

·        Includes others always


Year 9 Girl


·        Shows great resilience

·        Has made a wonderful transition

·        Always contributes positively

·        Presents the best version of herself


Year 9 Boy

Jhunne Guinid

·        Great role model

·        Never stops trying

·        Extends kindness to all

·        Positive approach in general


Casey Tech School

The Casey Tech School is an innovative and creative learning facility that has been set up by the City of Casey to benefit students in the area. Promoting collaboration and creativity within the realms of STEAM: Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Staff will be able to access this learning resource by booking classes in to utilise the state of the art facilities to hone their problem solving and creative skills.

Thanks to our College Principal, Vin Feeney who has been a part of the board set up to guide the project and also to our school champion, Mr Peter Collingwood who has helped trial and collate curriculum along the way.

Officially, the Casey Tech School was opened on 16 October and we look forward to supporting such a great local initiative from which our students will derive great benefit.



Student News

ABC Radio Debate:

Congratulations to Gabriella S (Year 8) who had the opportunity to meet with ABC Breakfast Radio Host Sami Shah to record a brief debate on 8 October. The topic that was debated was:

That Barbie Dolls are Good Role Models’

Gabriella was affirmative for this debate and presented recent statistics and a well-reasoned argument that hard for the host to counter argue. Feedback from producers about Gabriella’s manner and presentation was that we as a College should be proud to have such a well-spoken and confident ambassador. They were exceptionally impressed by her presentation.

This opportunity arose through the Debaters Association of Victoria and special thanks to Ms Lisa Vatta for her help in coordinating this amazing experience for Gabriella




Federation University Project – Berwick Team Finalists – Academic extension

Congratulations to Year 9 students: Jasmine Abdelal, Merna Hinen, Sarah McRae and Marissa Rechichi who have been selected as finalists in the Federation University – Casey Project

It was recently announced that the team is in the final 6, and is now in the running to compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the Presentation Night on Wednesday October 31, 2018. 

The topic is: ‘Animals are Important’

On the night teams will be assessed on content/clarity, creativity, teamwork and presentation skills.  Presentations are 10mins each in length.

Thanks to staff involved for guiding our students through this beneficial experience: Ms Rachel MacDonald, Ms Sharon Kosta, Ms Nicole Brennan and Ms Lisa Vatta.

Good luck girls!


Religious Education Department

Plenary 2020: Our College will be taking part in the Plenary 2020 process is explained in the following article form from the Catholic Weekly, published on the Plenary Council website.

“Catholics might have heard about an event happening in two years’ time in the Catholic Church in Australia called the Plenary Council 2020. They might be under the impression it’s just another meeting of bishops to discuss various matters—something that will not greatly affect them or other ordinary Catholics.

Well, it’s not. It’s actually a meeting of the entire Church in Australia, meaning everyone—bishops, clergy, religious and lay faithful—with the intention of shaping the future course of the Catholic Church in this country. And while if won’t affect matters of doctrine, it will have legislative power to mould practices within the Australian Catholic Church. So, as a Catholic, the outcome of the meeting will most definitely affect you.

In theory, everyone will be allowed a voice. The word “Plenary” simply mans “entire” or “open”.

Through Plenary 2020, the Catholic Church in Australia will determine its structures and strategies for the future. And this of course will affect its mission of evangelisation—how it will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in a culture increasingly adverse to Christian values.”

Between now and the end of the year, staff, students and parents will be invited to take part in Plenary sessions at the school. For staff and students this will occur through classes and meeting times. For parents, you are invited to register your interest in being part of the discussions, which are summarised and forwarded to the Plenary website. Please email Kevin Woodhouse ( or Deacon Graeme Pender (

Prayer for our Year 12 students: Tomorrow night we celebrate the Graduation Mass at Marvel Stadium. Here is the blessing that Fr Jeff Kleynjans will pray for our Year 12’s.

Lord, may God grant you all the insight to see realistically what is; but make you dreamers and give you vision of all the possibilities for what can be. May He guide you as you start the next journey of your lives. May God give you strength and courage when making decisions about university, work and relationships. May He give you the faith that if you use your gifts for good, and help others along the way, and follow in the footsteps of Jesus, you will be able to achieve your goals and dreams. May God grant you all a clear mind and confidence in your abilities, so that you may perform the best that you can, now and in the future. Amen.


Kevin Woodhouse




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