Berwick Campus – 14 November 2019


Year 10 2020 Commencement program

Congratulations to all Year 9 students on their efforts over the past few weeks in participating in examinations. This week has been more focused on celebrating the contributions of all Year 9 students both individually and as a cohort before they venture to the Beaconsfield Campus to for their 3-week Year 10 commencement program. This starts with a special House Retreat Day on Monday 18 November.

With regards the Year 10 Commencement Program – here are some key points of reference

  • The commencement program is compulsory for all students to attend, it is essentially the start of the 2020 academic year.
  • It is recommended to bring your lunch on the first day, but the canteen will be open during the week of commencement.
  • The morning bell at Beaconsfield sounds at 8:45 am and dismissal is at 3.25 pm except on Thursdays where classes conclude at 1.25 pm.
  • Monday November 18 – On the first morning of the commencement program all students are asked to gather in the Hall upon arrival.
  • Tuesday November 19 – Upon arrival, students are asked to gather in the following locations for a House meetings:
    • Burgess – Burgess House Area
    • McDonagh – Drama Room
    • McKenna – MJ Auditorium
    • Gallagher – Chapel
    • Schneider – FLA Open Space
    • Synan – Hall
    • Thomas – VCE Open Space (Ground Level)
    • White – VCE Open Space (Level 1)

All Year 9 students are wished all the very best with their commencement transition at the Beaconsfield Campus.


Casey Tech School – Discovery Program

Casey Tech School is a wonderful resource that is available for our College to access with students to compliment the academic programs in place. Last week several Year 7 classes travelled down to Casey Tech School to experience and participate in their Discovery program. This program opens students up to many STEM related projects and tasks that promote collaboration and problem solving.

Amongst the many interesting activities featured through the program are elements of Robotics, Forensic Science, Virtual Reality activities, Genetics, Digital Technology and Engineering concepts

As a College, we look to accessing such a beneficial resource further in 2020. Thanks Ms Katherine Dyson for coordinating the visit for our Year 7 classes.


Year 9 Inquiry Project – Presentation Afternoon

Congratulations to all students who participated in last Thursday’s Inquiry presentation afternoon. The presentation itself is a culmination of a key question that has been researched in depth with a view to form a well-informed conclusion on a given concept, topic or subject. This semester’s topics include; Social Media use, Body Image, Evolution of popular music, Fashion styles, Stereotypes in Society, Solutions to climate change and Animal protection. In addition to the depth of research presented, it was impressive to see the degree of creativity applied to the presentation format to enhance the message. Special thanks Nicole Brennan and Todd Zadow and teaching staff who guided students through the process.


Student News

Artwork of the Week

Congratulations to Jade Gatt who has produced a very powerful piece of artwork that showcases the effects that severe anxiety can have on an individual and the variation in external perceptions that can be held by others.


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