Berwick Campus – 12 March 2020



The safety of our students is of utmost importance to us.  We are asking parents to regularly have conversations with their children regarding safety awareness strategies for when they travel to and from school.  Please remind your children to alert the police should they have any concerns regarding strange or suspicious behaviour. Simple things like travelling to and from school with friends where possible is one example of maximising one’s safety in public places. Students are also encouraged to speak to a trusted adult if they have felt uneasy or uncomfortable on the way to or from school for any reason.


Maths Pathways Info Night

Thanks to the many parents and students that attended the Maths Pathways information evening last Tuesday. It was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the philosophy of the program and how to interpret its progress along the way, thanks to Ms Makkar for coordinating the evening. In short Maths Pathways:

  • Is a mastery program designed to back fill gaps in mathematical knowledge;
  • Is a combination of modules completed independently, teacher-led master classes and application of clinical knowledge through rich tasks;
  • Allows students to progress at a pace relevant to their learning needs.


House Swimming Carnival

The Berwick House Swimming carnival is one of the most popular events on the campus calendar each year and this year was no exception. The Doveton pool was a sea of colour as all students prepared to swim, cheer and dance their way to victory on the day. As is always the case, there can only be one overall House winner, but the real winner is house spirit which is in full swing on such a day like this. Special thanks to Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Wright for all their coordination on the day, to all Heads of House for their guidance of students on the day and to the team who worked tirelessly on the BBQ all day to raise funds for Caritas. The amount raised was in excess on $1000.00.

Please see results below and congratulations to all students who finished in the top three in their respective year levels:


House Swimming Winner – McDonagh House

House Spirit Winner – Schneider House


Year Level Winners


Year 7 Boys

  1. Felix Gillet and Wilbur Machado
  2. Bradley Buissink
  3. Francis Andrei Barraga


Year 7 Girls

  1. Keira Purches
  2. Sophie Berkelmans
  3. Alayna Crasto


Year 8 Boys

  1. Riley Cunningham
  2. Domenic Butcher
  3. Andrew Brunet


Year 8 Girls

  1. Brianna Johnson
  2. Terina Reymond
  3. Holly Berwick


Year 9 Boys

  1. Trent Gravestein-Rolf
  2. Tiaan Pereira
  3. Jordan Butera


Year 9 Girls

  1. Holly Jans
  2. Grace Hynd
  3. Isabelle Jones



Student News – Fun in Science with Ms Connors

Students in Ms. Rebecca Connors’ Science class were treated some experiential learning that was not only fun, but delicious too!

To assist with students’ knowledge of cells and the molecular structures of cells within organelles, students were asked to observe different sorts of confectionary sweets and to then categorise them accordingly.

Here are some quotes from the students at the end of the lesson:

“Informative and fun way to learn about cells” – Samuel Glenton

“Helped us to understand more about cells” – Danielle Edgar & Isaac Khan

“Gave me a better understanding of what organelles do” – Achel Deng

“Fun visualising cells and testing how much you can remember” – Pauleen Lai & Charlotte Goodman

“Not only delicious but also educational way to learn about cells!” – Nithilan Prabakaran

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