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Berwick Campus – 1 November 2018



A reminder to all students and parents that during Term 4, the college sun smart policy is active. This means that a both recess and lunchtime, students are required to wear a hat when outside. Students may wear the broad brimmed hat supplied to them by the College or they may wear the SFX sports cap. In addition to this, now we are in Week 3, it is expected that the summer uniform is also worn in full by all students.


Cabaret Night

Well done to all students involved in the St Francis Xavier College Cabaret Night. This stands as one of the premier events on the annual school calendar and the quality of the performances reinforced this wholeheartedly. The broad range of arts displayed from music, to dramatic monologue to interpretive dance highlights not only the depth of talent within the College student body but also the benefits of providing those with specific talents within the arts the opportunity to perform. Thanks to our Performing Arts Coordinator, Ms Leah Rolfe and her team for contributing to the success of the evening overall.


SIS Book in a Day

Please congratulate the following students:

Elaina Kirpichnikov (Year 7), Aphinya Khamley (Year 7), Mia Williams (Year 8), Sophie Anderton (Year 8), Georgia Evans (Year 8), Gabriella Stipkovic (Year 8),  Alvin (Year 8), and Jemima (Year 8.)

They collaborated successfully as a team to win two awards in the SIS Book in a Day competition. As the name suggests, the Book in a Day asks a team of students to cooperate creatively to construct a book between them using their respective strengths. By the end of the day the book is to be in published form. The team came away with the following awards:

Best use of Illustrations 

As finalists, the Berwick Campus have also received a $100 reward from Campion. Special thanks to Ms Lisa Vatta for guiding our students on the day.


Dr Evil and the Basket of Kittens
Junior Play

It has certainly been a big week in the arts as we were treated to the Berwick and Officer Drama Production of Dr Evil and the basket of kittens. This was a truly entertaining tale with many twists and turns along the way. The most significant thing to come out of this production was the very strong performances from all of our students across both campuses. Special thanks to the staff that helped create such a wonderful performance including; Ms Hayley Griffin, Ms Leah Rolfe, Ms Brielle Shiels, Ms Nicole Fowler and Mr Peter Collingwood.


Religious Education News – Kevin Woodhouse


Year of Youth Gathering

At St Peter’s in Cranbourne, our region is holding a final gathering to celebrate the Year of Youth. Bishop Patrick will be in attendance. The agenda for the event can be found here. Students are encouraged to attend this day.

Plenary 2020

Last night I attended the St Michael’s Plenary session. It was led by Sophie Morley from the CEO. Bishop Patrick O’Regan was present at the meeting and provided insightful feedback to a number of questions asked by parishioners from all through our region.

The listening and dialogue process allows small groups to share their views about the question:

“What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?” The responses are collated and sent to the Plenary Council. All viewpoints will be considered. More information can be found at

We will hold Plenary meetings here at school from 16 November onwards. Details of parent involvement will be sent to you soon. We are seeking parent volunteers to be part of this important process. The Plenary Council, to be help in 2020, has the ability to make recommendations for the future of the Catholic Church in Australia, and so it is important to give feedback about what each of us considers as important for the future of our church. Staff and students will also be asked to contribute.



This week we have welcomed REALTALK to the Officer and Berwick Campuses. This has been an opportunity for our students to reflect on what makes a positive and life-giving relationship. The leader of REALTALK, Paul Ninnes, has been very positive about the response of our students to the topic.


Virtual Reality Unit

Today in a Religious Education class for Year 10 students, we used VR to view a virtual tour of some of the holy sites in Jerusalem. The site allows students to walk through places like the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, the Holy Sepulchre, and where Jesus died and rose. It brought to life our study of sacred sites and students really enjoyed this opportunity, which will increase when the new classrooms come on line with the support for this type of learning.


All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day

On Thursday and Friday we celebrate All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. While St Mary MacKillop is our first saint in Australia, Mary Glowrey is the second Australian to be considered for official recognition as a saint. She was declared a Servant of God in 2013.

Mary Glowrey’s story is one of courage and commitment to the people of Australia, whom she served as a doctor, and then India, where she left an indelible mark of service and dedication to the poor. The museum at ACU Melbourne is well worth a visit, and her life is well worth knowing about.

On All Souls’ Day we pray for those who have passed from this life. Here is the prayer we will share in Care Group on Friday. Perhaps a photo of a loved one in your homes could trigger a prayer to be shared with your family for those whom we love:

On All Souls’ Day, we pray for those who have died – friends, colleagues, relatives; For other leaders whom we have known, worked with, laughed with, wept with, walked with, many of them are not famous. Some of them were part of our community this year. Their statues are not in churches but their pictures are in our homes and their stories alive in our community, and in us. We know of their goodness and their struggles. We now pray for them, and remember them with love, celebrating in faith their journey to God, now within the great communion of saints.

Today we pray:

For all of us, that we may live our lives close to God and meet him in Heaven.

For the deceased, especially those members of our family and parish community, that they may enjoy paradise in Heaven with Jesus.

For those grieving the loss of a family member, that they may feel God’s love and comfort at this difficult time.

For those who care for the dying, especially nurses, doctors, family members, and hospice workers, that God may work through them to touch others.

Lord, we ask you to be with us as we remember all of those who have died, especially those in our own families.



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