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Beaconsfield Campus – 7 February 2019

Welcome to 2019 

Our College motto for the year is We Grow Together. We aspire to be a community that will grow with a differentiated learning program, grow our student wellbeing skills, grow our ability to work in positive learning partnerships, and to orient our words and actions towards Christ. We started the school year with our staff and students reflecting on our community of learners. In our College Strategic plan, we make a commitment to build a community of learners: 



  • We are a community of Spiritual Learners– We are capable of making moral and ethical decisions and are developing a greater awareness of our spiritual needs and our relationship with God and the universe. We are aware of, and cherish, our Catholic beliefs and traditions from a mature stance
  • We are a community of Hopeful Learners – We have hope in ourselves, hope in each other, hope in the future and hope in a loving and compassionate God. We are aware of our call to serve and believe that, with God’s help, we can make a difference
  • We are a community of Responsible Learners – We have a clear sense of responsibility to our community, our environment and ourselves. We accept responsibility for our own learning and contribute to the learning of others
  • We are a community of Independent Learners – We are capable of goal setting, collecting and analysing information, communicating ideas, problem solving, reflection and critical thinking
  • We are a community of Inter-dependent Learners – We are capable of working in a collaborative manner. We value teamwork and have developed conflict resolution techniques. We are capable of planning and organising
  • We are a community of Creative and Confident Learners – We are capable of creative expression and are aware of the need for imagination and creativity in our lives, and to have the confidence to share our creativity
  • We are a community of Historical Learners – We are capable of making links between the past and present, and of learning from experience to build a better future
  • We are a community of Global Learners – We have a global perspective. We are aware that we are not only Australians but also members of the wider world community
  • We are a community of Cultural Learners  We value the importance of understanding, accepting and respecting our cultural differences
  • We are a community of Physical Learners – We are aware of the need to become ‘whole’ by caring for our physical well-being by participating in health promoting activities
  • We are a community of Happy Learners – We enjoy and value learning. We accept the need for life-long learning and, therefore, practice a style of learning that is success oriented
  • We are a community of Successful Learners – We learn for personal and professional enhancement and enrichment


The start of the year has seen the Beaconsfield Campus staff coming together to reflect on our purpose and set direction for our work. We are working towards educating the whole child. Our staff are committed to ensuring our students are given the best opportunity to achieve. We recognise that achievement will look different for every person, however, it is the work of our staff to help each individual experience growth in their academic studies, their capacity to manage their wellbeing, and their growth in orientating towards Christ. 

On Monday we gathered as a community to share our College and campus directions. We also shared common shared expectations and routines to support our everyday interactions and ensure we have a thriving learning environment. Everything we have put in place is to support student learning, and provide the best opportunity for success. 


A strength of our college is the way we look to develop a culture of positive learning partnerships. Students and staff are all familiar with these College expectations.


We shared a student agreement with our Beaconsfield students on Monday. It is a student-friendly version of a range of our documents and policies that our parent community would be familiar with. It provided the opportunity to reinforce the everyday expectations that support a thriving learning environment. It is important that senior students start the year with clear expectations as a member of our community. This will ensure moving forward our conversations are focused on student learning.

Everything in the student agreement is not new for our students. The expectations noted are aligned across all 3 campuses. 

The student agreement reminds students of the following expectations: 

  • Attendance at all school events
  • Valuing the importance of working a clean and healthy environment
  • The student dress code(LINK)
  • The importance of wearing a hat to ensure we are sun smart
  • Importance of keeping valuables in lockers
  • Use of personal mobile device and head phones

I would like to congratulate students on the way they have entered into their learning this week. There is a positive energy about their learning and we look forward to a great 2019. 


General Purpose Flexible Learning Area  

This week we opened the new General Purpose Flexible Learning Area (GPFLA). This is a spectacular learning space that provides for collaborative and independent study. This year we will introduce Parent Learning Walks at the Beaconsfield Campus. This will give current parents the opportunity to see this space in action.


House Competitions 

This year we have a wide range of House activities planned for our students at the Beaconsfield campus which include House Lunchtime Sports, House Athletics, House Debating, and House Cross Country. In consultation with our student Sports Leaders, Sports Coordinator and Campus Management Team, we have considered whether swimming is the best sport to involve the entire campus community. We reflected on student participation data over the last few years, and we began to think of a different campus House competition that would potentially engage with more students at the senior campus. Last year, only 11% of the approximate 1,300 students at the Beaconsfield Campus students participated in the House Swimming Carnival events.

This year the Beaconsfield House Swimming Carnival will be attended by only students who will be participating in races. In a similar way to how we currently run our House Cross Country, students who sign up for swimming events will compete in the House Swimming Carnival in 2019. 

We have decided that a change of sport for this whole school carnival would be more engaging and exciting for all members of our campus community.

Student leaders are currently reviewing which sporting event will engage the majority of students, and how this would look for 2019. House membership is a strength of our College, and we want to continue to build this. We appreciate your patience at this time and hope that you understand that we intend to provide all of our students with an exciting House opportunity where they can express their House Spirit and have some fun.

Please note this change is only for the Beaconsfield Campus.


Thursday Afternoons (for Year 11 and 12 students)

Thursday afternoons will be used for a variety of school-related activities for our Year 11 and 12 students. It is expected that: 

  • VCAL students remain at school for VCAL classes 
  • Students involved in SIS sports will remain at school to participate in this program 
  • VCE students will be expected to attend all SACs set for Thursday afternoons.  SACs will begin at 2pm and could possibly run until 5pm depending on the study. Students will receive information about SAC dates shortly.  

If the Yr 11 or 12 student does not have any of the above scheduled, then they will be permitted to leave the College at the beginning of lunch time (1.30pm).  


Parent Reminders – School Drop Off

Concerns have been raised by local businesses again regarding school pick up and drop off of students. In particular, it is not appropriate to utilise the Fast Fuel petrol station opposite the Beaconsfield Campus to drop off or to wait for students after school. The Manager is concerned about the safety of not only our students, but for members of the community utilising the forecourt. 

We appreciate that parking is a challenge for a short period of time after school, however we still need to respect local businesses and residents and ensure we park safely and respectfully in the local environs. 

Failure to adhere will result in local businesses passing on vehicle registrations to the local police. 


Careers News

Welcome to the New Year. At St Francis Xavier College, the Careers Department aims to assist you in supporting your student’s career development.

There are many ways that we can assist. These include:

  • The provision of one-on-one, or group interviews
  • Provision of opportunities for students to research their options at University or TAFE providers
  • Reassurance of pathway options for school and post-secondary experiences
  • Building Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Assisting with Interview Practice
  • Help with creating study timetables
  • Inquiries about VET programs available at Beaconsfield Campus
  • Provision of useful websites including Job Outlook and My Future


Students can book appointments online 

Access to the Careers LibGuide here

We are located at the front of the LRC and are available for drop in appointments during lunchtimes.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a proven crime prevention tool that greatly improves risk management controls and personal safety of students, staff and visitors. The College has installed CCTV for detecting and deterring vandalism, unauthorised entry into school buildings, theft and other unwanted activities at the Berwick, Officer and Beaconsfield Campuses. The management, operation, and use of the system is governed by the school’s privacy policy, CCTV protocol and the relevant state and federal legislation. CCTV cameras are not installed in private areas such as toilets or change rooms and the College has no hidden or covert cameras. CCTV footage is only available to the College Leadership but may be provided to relevant law enforcement agencies to assist in their investigations in accordance with relevant State and Federal Legislation.

If you have any queries in reference to the operation of the CCTV system at the College, please contact Mr John Fazzino – Deputy Principal: Mission.

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