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Beaconsfield Campus – 31 October 2019



Year 12 Final Mass

On 21 October, our Year 12 students, parents and staff community gathered to celebrate the Eucharist for the final time with our Year 12 students. Through sharing in a Eucharist celebration, we gave thanks to and celebrated the journey our Year 12 students have been on for the past 6 years. We gathered as a community; a community of parents, teachers, support staff and friends of the College who have worked in partnership to support student’s growth and success. A beautiful ceremony was shared and on behalf of all our parent community, staff and friends of the College I congratulate each of our Year 12 students and wish them all the best as they enter the next phase of their life journey.


Year 12 Final Day

We congratulate the Class of 2019 on the way they have entered into their studies and life at the College, but more importantly the way they have entered into relationship with each other and staff, as young people of hope and love. They have shared their talents, skills, insights, character strengths and so much more throughout their journey at St Francis Xavier College, and last week we were able to celebrate and give thanks to our students for all that they have shared with us over the last six years.  On the Year 12 Final Day our Year 12 students were farewelled in House assemblies, gathered as a year level to reminisce their journey over the years and celebrated with a shared lunch and disco!


Cabaret Night & Art, Design & Technology Exhibit

Cabaret Night is a long-standing college tradition that provides the platform to showcase the depth of talent that exists within the College’ Arts program. Students of all campuses come together to perform in a variety of genres including; interpretive dance, choirs, dance duo’s, dramatic monologue and a range of stirring solo performances. Congratulations to the Performing Arts teams across all three campuses for coordinating such a wonderful evening.

We also held the Senior Art, Design & Technology Exhibit, which showcased some of our student’s VCE creations.


Industry and Enterprise Market Stalls

On 25 October, the Year 10 Industry and Enterprise classes hosted market stalls and presented their products/services to the teachers and students at the Beaconsfield Campus.

In Term 3 we started discussing what we thought people would like to buy. After brainstorming many ideas, our group came up the idea of making candles and bath salts. We knew that making the product was going to take time, so we had to start making these well before the market.

To begin creating our product, we had to create a business plan. This included: an executive plan, a company description, who our competitors will be, a financial plan, and how our store would run on the day. We conducted market research and promoted our stalls around school. Having a brand name is very important, and we called our business ‘Mood’.

Overall, every group did well on the day producing products or services for students and teachers to buy. A lot of effort went into the stalls and everyone played their part and presented themselves well. The scrunchie stall was the most successful with making a profit with $133.

Zara McLeod



Last week the Intermediate VCAL students took to their bikes for a 38km ride from Lilydale to Warburton. The students were exceptional, challenged themselves to push through their comfort zones and worked to encourage others along the way.

Leading up to the challenge, the students researched, planned and co-ordinated the event. Part of the preparation including mapping the course and completing the risk assessment. A great few days were had by all involved.

Stacey Parnaby



The use of social media to sell/buy goods is becoming increasingly popular with the whole community, especially young people. Recently, a number of robberies have been committed during this type of transaction. If you are planning on using sites such as Marketplace or Gumtree etc, please follow some simple safety precautions:

  • Consider the time and location. Agree to meet in a public place, where there is likely CCTV coverage, and at a time when there are other people around
  • Take someone with you. For young people, take a parent/guardian or adult friend/sibling
  • When buying, be wary of items that seem very cheap. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is
  • If you become a victim, notify police immediately
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