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Beaconsfield Campus – 27 June 2019


Reminder: The first day back of Term 3 is Tuesday 16 July. Monday 15 July is a student free day allowing for teaching collaboration on curriculum development.


The Beaconsfield LRC is open during the first week of school holidays – Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 4.30pm. Students are welcome to come to school and undertake private study in the LRC during this time.


Siblings starting Year 7 in 2021

The College is now processing enrolments for Year 7 2021. If you have a child who will be enrolling at the College for Year 7 2021 and you have not yet submitted an application form, please click here to download a form, or alternatively a form can be picked up from any Campus Reception.

Enrolment forms must be completed and returned to the College by 26 July 2019 to secure your child’s place for 2021.

Enrolment Interviews for these students will be taking place at the end of August 2019.


Student Achievement

This week Schneider House organised and led the campus assembly, focusing on the theme of Courage. Student leaders shared great insight into how students can be courageous and how we see courage in our day to day. We also were able to celebrate some wonderful achievements of our students. This included recognising the students who attained Bronze, Silver and Gold College Colours. We congratulate:

Samira El-Cheikh
Lauren M
Zoe Burke
Eddie Fahd
Evline Franco
Paige Bennett
Jasmine Singh
Charlie B
Jonathan Buenaseda     

Tamzyn – Lee Wagner
Nikolas Thamboo
Caitlyn Clark
Melia Bell

Paige Davis
Georgia Oliver
Oliver Thomson
Rhaya A


We also celebrated our Students of the Term. We congratulate the recipients of this award as they were all identified for being people of integrity and authenticity, and wonderful contributors to our College community. We congratulate:



Southern Metro Region Youth Forum

On Friday 31 May, I attended a Youth Forum discussion day held by Victoria Police and various stake holders who want to see change among youth. The purpose of the day was to get young people’s opinions, ideas and experiences both good and bad so Victoria Police can start to implement the change that the youth of our area want to see, instead of what they think we want to see. After arriving and meeting the various dignitaries sitting at our table, we were officially greeted by Glenn Manton, the Keynote speaker and MC of the day. 

He immediately discarded the microphone he was handed to use and enthusiastically expressed a personal experience he had with a mentor that put him on the right track with his football career and life. The story grabbed all in the room and sucked us in with his emotive language use and storytelling. I highly recommend watching his TEDTALK on YouTube which he retold this story: The Kookabarra”: A story of male to male mentoring | Glenn Manton

The day continued in full swing, and after some personal bonding activities with the other participants that Glenn ran, we turned our attention to the overall purpose of the Forum: How can we make our community safer for young people, and what can the police do to stop crime among youth?

The discussion I had on my table with the dignitaries was very insightful and offered up their POV against mine… or rather the youth of the community. Various issues came up in our talk such as The use of technology associated with crime eg. Recording fights, cyber bulling etc., Crime at local shopping centres such as Fountain Gate and Supporting young people reporting crimes to a police officer, just to name a few. 

After a good two-hour discussion about these topics and more, Glenn then offered the microphone to anyone in the room who wanted to share their views and/or opinions on how can the Police offer support to us. 

I appreciate that the members in that room that day listened to my views and opinions on how they can do a better job to support us and make change. I felt like I really was making a change and glad I had that opportunity to represent not only my peers, but the whole College.

Overall, the day was really good to offer up our opinions on how we can be supported better by Victoria Police and feel safer living in this day and age. I am proud to say that I can see these changes happening now throughout our community. I am excited to see where the future of our area is going!

Zac M, Year 11


On 31 May, other St Francis Xavier College students and I attended the Southern Metro Region Youth Forum. With little knowledge of the incredible day that was about to unfold, we were greeted to a room full of police officers, educational workers and students from other schools from the Greater Dandenong area. The day kicked off with a powerful speech from former AFL footballer Glenn Manton about how one person changed his entire career and life forever, really sending a message about the importance of being honest and open in relationships. This helped to set up an environment where adults and children were able to discuss problems and issues with youth in our society.

It was great to be able to discuss such controversial topics with people of varying views, really helping to gain an understanding of the issue while trying to find ways where this problem could be improved and solved. The stories and ideas shared really opened my eyes to the different views of prejudice, technology and bullying and the shocking effect that they have on so many people. It was definitely a successful day that can hopefully make a real impact on the local community for the better. Thanks to the city of Greater Dandenong and Glenn Manton for hosting such an important and successful day, and thank you to the St Francis Xavier College community for giving me and the other students an opportunity to be a voice for good.

Mitchell Dorling, Year 11

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