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Beaconsfield Campus – 16 May 2019


Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

A reminder to students that the Beaconsfield LRC is open until 6.00pm from Monday ­to Friday if students would like somewhere quiet to study after school.

The Beaconsfield Learning Resource Centre has decided to celebrate Star Wars Day by displaying some of our Star Wars and space-related books, we hope to have an even bigger display next year. Keep an eye out in the newsletter for our new displays.

May the Fourth be with you!


Year 12 English Workshops

This week the Unit 3 and 4 English skills workshops began for Term 2. These workshops take place every Wednesday during lunchtime in the VCE building and are open to ALL Year 12 students who wish to extend themselves or have some more time to develop their writing skills.

While the first week was focussed on context, each week is different and provides a different area of exploration and focus. Some weeks will be based on skills for current area of study while others will be based on the skills and writing style needed for the exam. Additionally, students are also provided with extra notes and activities to hone their writing technique and provide them with greater opportunities for success in VCE English.

Georgia Cooney – English Curriculum Leader (Beaconsfield)


Presentation Ball

Presentation Ball rehearsals have commenced and the Year 11 students are making great progress. Dance instructors, Peter Head and Sherallen Smith, are working with the students so that each dance is mastered. Once again, we thank the committee: Janine Butera, Monica Schade, Shani De Prinse, Jacqui Hockey and Frances Ricchetti for their hard work and generosity. Without their efforts, we could not offer this fantastic opportunity to students. We look forward to a wonderful 2019 Presentation Ball season.


Inquiry Base Learning

As part of our Inquiry Based Learning program at Year 10, students have started to share their wonderings for their minor project and it was great to see the questions that they generated from a visual prompt. The task involved students sharing what they thought in relation to a certain issue, and they will work in their classes on responding to a question focused on a global issue. Some of the questions generated from the discussions included:

  • How big of a factor is pollution in our world today?
  • Why do individuals have to suffer from such poor treatment of our own environment and planet?
  • Why do certain global issues only occur in some countries?
  • How long until the world runs out of resources?
  • Why do we still need paper?
  • What will happen when Antarctica melts into the sea?
  • Why do people live in such crowded areas?
  • How long until all the ice melts in the world?
  • Why do people get denied the right to an education?

Over the next couple of weeks our students will work to resolve the question posed to them and present their solution to their peers and other members of the College community. Students will importantly reflect upon the process of inquiry and defining, discovering and debriefing their own problems.

Through this minor project, it will help prepare our young people in facing the demands of an ever-changing world, whereby skills of collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and ethical thinking are the capabilities that business and industry look for in the hiring of a 21st century workforce.


 VCAL – Structured Workplace Learning

Our Intermediate and Senior VCAL students will begin Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) in a few weeks and we wish them all the best. SWL is on-the-job training that allows students to develop their work skills and understand employer expectations. VCAL staff will be visiting the students during the placement.

At St Francis Xavier College, the South East LLEN supports student work placements in the local government areas of Casey, Cardinia and Greater Dandenong. Your son/daughter has access to the SWL Portal in order to research potential employers.

All SWL forms, signed by the employer and parent, are now due. Please ensure that these are submitted to Ms Rankins.

Parents, please actively involve yourself is this compulsory portion of the VCAL program. You can do this by visiting the portal with your son/daughter and assisting them to secure a placement. Finally, if as an employer you can support our VCAL students by offering a placement opportunity please contact Jan Rankins, Kerry Little or Vera Treloar By working together we can facilitate a positive learning experience for all.


Excursion to the Langham Hotel

On 9 May, Year 10 VET students were taken on a behind the scenes tour of the 5 star Langham Hotel, so see their operations and were able to enjoy a lovely all-you-can-eat buffet from the hotel’s Melba restaurant.

The following are some excerpts from the trip:

This trip was very enjoyable. I learnt that even if you have experience and qualifications for the hospitality industry, it still may take time to be accepted. It depends on your personality and whether you have a welcoming presence and a willingness to learn.

Emanuella Pandelopoulos

The quality of the service, rooms, food and overall appearance of the hotel were all things that impressed me upon arrival. I learnt that most people who work at the hotel enjoyed their jobs and liked working in the hospitality industry. Overall this field trip gave me a greater insight into what working in a hotel is like.

Rubie Clarisse


Girl Guides Victoria Women of Note Casey Mentor Breakfast

On 3 May, Year 11 students Ebony, Gabi, Jessica and Elodie were invited to the Girl Guides Victoria Women of Note Casey Mentor Breakfast 2019 at Bunjil Place .

The event was a huge success and we were so pleased to have Amy Mazzitelli as Mentor on our education table.

During the morning it was announced that Ebony Portelli was the successful recipient of the Kay Rankin Inspirational Young Woman Award for 2019.

I have a huge soft spot for our SFX students and I am as proud as punch of these Girls that attended. They were well presented, they showed interest in our Guest speaker and engaged in conversation with Mentors, other students and the committee. Thank you for your continual enthusiasm and support of this Mentor Breakfast.

Cath Stocks (Co-President Girl Guides Victoria Women of Note Casey Mentor Breakfast)



College Captain Address

The theme of the Campus assembly last week was Leadership and Teamwork. Here is part of the College Captains speech to our Campus community:

We as leaders are working together every day to make the College a better environment. We as leaders have many different qualities and strengths that when brought together, means that we can get the most out of each other.

Some of the many qualities and skills we have are commitment, integrity, creativity, communication and inspiration. These skills take time to build upon. You have to believe that you are a leader first, before you are given a specific role or a badge. 

Every day we all inspire each other with our ideas, our strengths and our abilities. Each and everyone one of us have different abilities. All of us are leaders in our own way, whether you have a badge or not. Year 12’s are leaders, meaning we have to set the example by being the oldest year level of our College. Leadership does not work without teamwork, it takes a team to lead workplace, a sporting club or team, it cannot be done by one person.

We are always told that we are the future, the leaders of tomorrow, but in fact, we are the leaders of now.

As I look around this room, I see lots of people, but what is special is that each and every one of you in here, are all unique individuals, all who are leaders. A simple small act of kindness is all it takes as it influences others to do a small act of kindness too. We set the standards, what is right and wrong. How many of you have younger brothers and sisters, or even cousins? I guarantee they have seen and said or done something that you have, because they look up to you, you are a leader to them, just like your elders are too you.

A true leader never says ‘I’; they say ‘we’. They put everybody else before themselves, and take pride in others success. I will leave you with this. A good leader inspires others with confidence in him; a great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves

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