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Beaconsfield Campus – 15 November 2018


Uniform Shop Hours

The opening hours for the Uniform Shop over the summer school holidays can be found here.



All students at the Beaconsfield Campus have been sitting examinations this week. It has been pleasing to see the students demonstrate a positive attitude during this assessment period. The VCAA exam period concludes on 21 November, and Year 12 VCE results are released on 14 December. Students are invited to speak with College staff, in particular, careers advisers if they wish to amend VTAC preferences.


2019 Commencement

Commencement classes for 2019 begin on 19 November. Students are to attend all classes with the appropriate materials (stationery and their devices) and full summer uniform is to be worn. Students are reminded that all tasks set during this period are compulsory – this includes homework tasks that are to be completed during the summer break. In particular, it is vital that all English & Literature texts are read during the break. It is imperative that students take full advantage of these induction classes as they will place them in good stead for the 2019 academic year.

The last day of classes for students is Friday 7 December.


National Young Leaders Day

Each year, our newly appointed student leaders undertake leadership training to prepare them for their role. One component involves the Year 12 Student Executive attending the Halogen National Young Leaders Day at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Here is a reflection from 2019 College Captain Kailee McAuley:

On Wednesday, the 2019 Year 12 executive team visited the Melbourne Exhibition Centre for the National Younger Leaders day conference. We listened to a number of inspirational people from many different backgrounds and professional careers who told us about their story and how they became the people they are today. Cosentino, the amazing illusionist shared about his passion for magic and how he became interested in the art. Leisel Jones, a nine time Olympic medalist in the pool, explained how she made such small changes to things which improved her swimming and her dreams of being an Olympic gold medalist. It is fair to say we have all come back feeling inspired by their personal reflections and are determined to be the best leaders of 2019 that we can be. On behalf of the executive team, Matt and I would like to thank Mrs Rechichi for accompanying us to the conference. 

Kailee McAuley, 2019 School Captain



LRC Rememberance Day Display

The Beaconsfield LRC created a display for the centenary of Remembrance Day. Ms Tracey Edwards liaised with the Department of Veteran Affairs and has organised a wonderfully vivid and informative display. Many thanks go to the her, Ms Janine Butera and Mr Greg Murray from the Maintenance Dept.


VCE Summer School


Religious Education News

Plenary 2020

We have begun the process of our Plenary sessions this week.

On Tuesday, our 2019 leaders from across the three campuses gathered to discuss aspects of school life. As well as the Plenary, students shared their understanding of our school motto I am the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). Students found talking about the concept of the way a good starting point to unpack what the truth and the life looks like in our school community. The ideas of the students will be collated and presented to school leadership. Our students also prepared for the meeting with Bishop Patrick O’Regan, which is occurring on 22 November when College, Liturgy and Justice Captains will spend the day in dialogue with him.

Our leaders also had input into the school fund raising policy, brainstormed ideas to help boost our response to our main campaigns for Caritas, Trinity Families, Vinnies and the Ruben Centre. The student leaders will launch the new policy in 2019. Finally, students reflected on the role of the people after whom our Houses are named, how they inspire the students, how they are viewed in the day to day of House life. We will now begin a process of reflection about how to support the images and stories of the people whom our community has looked to for inspiration in our House system.

Signs of Christmas are now appearing in our community. As the Church year comes to a close with the Feast of Christ the King on Sunday 25 November, we look to our God with gratitude for the stories of God’s love that have unfolded this year. We have been blessed with students who have embraced the theme to Be the light of the World with enthusiasm and action. The 2019 leaders in their session this week have proposed the 2019 theme to our school leadership, so we look forward to exploring new ways to express and act in our faith community, beginning with Advent in the four weeks that lead to Christmas. The four candles of Advent lit in the four Sundays leading to Christmas – hope, peace, love and joy, are often overlooked by our wider society keen to focus just on 25 December. Advent begins our Church year in a way that prepares for Jesus’ presence today and in the future, and places life-giving actions on the agenda in the lead up to the Christmas season.

Plenary sessions will continue over the last weeks of the term. With Year 11 and 12 students, it will occur on Friday 16 November. For Berwick and Officer staff it will be on Thursday 22 November. For the Berwick and Officer Campus students it will be on 28 November, and for parents, you are invited to join us on Wednesday  5 December at 7.00pm. Please email to register interest in this evening of dialogue.


Prayer for the Feast of Christ the King from the Brisbane diocese

Actions of the Kingdom inspired by Matthew 25:

I am hungry and you give me food

I am thirsty and you give me something to drink

I am a stranger and you welcome me

I am naked and you give me clothing

I am sick and you take care of me

I am in prison and you visit me


Lord Jesus Christ,

You are a King who cares deeply for his people.

May we search out those in need,

so that Love and Justice will reign

as the Kingdom of God is brought forth within us.

We ask our prayer in your name and in the power of the Holy Spirit,




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