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Beaconsfield Campus – 12 March 2020



The safety of our students is of utmost importance to us.  We are asking parents to regularly have conversations with their children regarding safety awareness strategies for when they travel to and from school.  Please remind your children to alert the police should they have any concerns regarding strange or suspicious behaviour. Simple things like travelling to and from school with friends where possible is one example of maximising one’s safety in public places. Students are also encouraged to speak to a trusted adult if they have felt uneasy or uncomfortable on the way to or from school for any reason.


Uniform Beaconsfield Campus

The St Francis Xavier College uniform is an important part of our identity as a Catholic College and public declaration of our values, standards and beliefs. The College uniform, with its navy-blue blazer, is well recognised and equally well regarded within the community.  The uniform also promotes cohesion, a collective sense of identity and pride. It allows all students to feel equal and prevents competition based on clothing.  It strengthens the spirit of the community within the school and enhances student safety, ensuring all students are dressed safely and appropriately for school activities. Encouraging students to develop pride in their appearance; whilst preparing students for the expectations of workplaces.

Parents, guardians, families and all members of our College community play a role in ensuring we maintain a culture of engagement and achievement

On occasion, students may have a valid reason as to why they are out of uniform. On these occasions, students should have a note of explanation from their parents/guardians.

It is the responsibility of students to present the note to their Head of House and to get an Out of Uniform Pass prior to 8.45am, authorising the incorrect attire for a specified period (usually one to two days).

Student who are wearing the incorrect uniform without a note will be issued with a letter outlining the uniform expectations. If the student continues to breach the Student Uniform Policy, then the following will be actioned:

  • First Infringement: a lunchtime consequence will be issued;
  • Second Infringement: an afterschool consequence will be issued;
  • Third Infringement: a parent/guardian and student meeting will be called for.


We appreciate your support with this matter.

Kind regards,

Rosalynn Rechichi

Director of Students – Beaconsfield Campus


Year 12 Formal

With the huge success of last year’s formal, we set ourselves a high standard on trying to make formal in 2020 the best it’s ever been! Our formal was at “The Pullman” in Albert Park, and the venue definitely did not disappoint. Many happy smiles and faces of relief all-round as the 409 of us Year 12 students, as well as 60 staff members filled the room. Although we had the challenge of planning the event, it was without a doubt much easier with our many peers and staff supporting us through it. Everyone looked amazing on the night and we thank everyone for dressing up to look amazing and behaving in a positive and respectful manner. 

Everyone danced the night away – students and staff – highlighting just how much we value each other and building positive learning partnerships.   On behalf of the Year 12s, we would like to thank the venue staff for their wonderful hospitality throughout the event, and to Ms Rechichi and Ms Cetrola for their support and contributions to the preparation of the night.  

After looking at the photos from formal, we still wish we could go back and relive it over and over again. Formal was a night that we will remember for years to come, especially when looking back at our highlights at St Francis Xavier College. 

Taylah Worland and Zac McMenamin (College Captains)


Commencement Liturgy

The Liturgy Captains across Years 10 to 12 took their first step in making their 2020 vision a reality through changing the layout of Campus mass. In this mass, students surrounded a stage in the centre of the hall in an effort to allow more students to see the stage and feel included.

The stage was free of any lecterns, allowing speakers to use a roving microphone to encourage engagement. The altar was brought up by students before the Eucharist, to further symbolise the sacredness of the space and bring the campus through that journey.

Student leaders Gabriella (Year 10 Justice Captain), Emaleigh and Ethan (Year 12 Liturgy Captains) shared their testimonies to encourage everyone to open their minds to what Campus Mass has to offer, no matter what religious background anyone may come from. The Mass had a great reaction from the College, and we’re excited to take these opportunities even further to build on our School unity.

Beaconsfield Justice and Liturgy Captains


Careers News

Work Experience requirements

Please remember: prior to commencing work experience, students must satisfactorily complete occupational health and safety (OHS) training, either safe@work or for students with disabilities or additional needs, A Job Well Done.

The general module needs to be completed before the industry module related to their proposed workplace.


Any queries please email


Open Days

Friday 17 & Saturday 18 April – Victorian Careers Show 

Thursday 30 April – VCE & Careers Expo

Sat 2 and Sun 3 May – VCE & Careers Expo

Saturday 16 May – Collarts Open Day


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