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Beaconsfield Campus – 13 June 2019


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Our Year 12 VCE VET Kitchen Operations students helped cater for the parents and guests at the VCE music performance nights last week. They demonstrated professionalism, care and enthusiasm as they prepared a range of hot and cold finger foods such as sushi, chicken lolly-pops, dumplings and borek to name a few. The Year 10 VET Hospitality students greeted and served the audience during a brief intermission between performances. All agreed that it was a wonderful introduction to service and that the students were exceptional under the pressure of serving unfamiliar customers.

The students who stayed back to cater and serve the guests were: Kali Captieux, Bethany Sullivan, Josephine Lee, Jade Driscoll, Kenneth Casiple, James O’Donoghue-Southgate, Danielle Geremia, Sarah May, Monique Mitchell, Grace Russell-Battley, Zoe Foster


Student News

Melissa Woolf, Year 10 

From the 17th to the 20th of April I went to Adelaide to compete in the 2019 Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Swimming Championships. I qualified for four individual events by meeting the national qualifying standard times for my age group for the 100m Breaststroke, 200m Breaststroke, 200m Individual medley and the 400m Individual medley.

I came top 20 for the 400IM, top 30 for the 200 Breaststroke and 200 IM and top 40 for the 100 Breaststroke in Australia.

This was the second year in a row competing at this competition and I was more comfortable with how the event ran. I had a great opportunity to support a multi class swimmer from my club. It was inspiring to witness the multi class swimmers showcase their talents.? 


Abby Williams, Year 12 

Over the Easter holidays (6 Days), Abby participated in the 17 Under Netball Australia Nationals representing Victoria at the new Queensland State Netball Centre. 
Victoria finished second on the ladder making finals which is an incredible achievement. Overall, Victoria lost the bronze medal match to finish fourth. 
It was memorable six months of training with talented athletes and Netball Victoria coaching staff. It was an incredible honour and privilege to represent Victoria and wear the Big V dress with pride. But the greatest highlight was the lifelong friendships forged throughout the campaign.

Oliver Thomson, Year 12

Congratulations to Oliver Thomson for landing the lead role of Warner Huntington III in Legally Blonde Jr with Perfoming Artist Company. An industry based project with performances 12 – 14 July 2019. Over 300 people auditioned an Oliver was offered the male lead role. This musical is run by industry professionals (such as Rob Mills) and Oliver will also be mentored by those in the industry!


Luke G, Year 11 

While most people seek a nice relaxing holidays, I look forward to something slightly different. Over the April Holidays I had the opportunity to fly the brand new Diamond DA40 NG Star with the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC).

I was first offered the opportunity in April last year when hundreds of Air Force Cadets applied to the highly sought after flying scholarship program through Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS), which is composed of many Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and Civilian pilots. I passed a selection course which 40 out of 142 recommended cadets were invited to attend. It consisted of many challenges, tests and a final interview to assess suitability for the powered flying scholarship of which 12 made it through.

In July I then participated a week long theory course which covered everything from Aerodynamics and the physics behind flight, radios, human factors, engines and more. Finally, I completed my two week Flying Course where I completed a two-day long briefing on the brand new aircraft, learning its safety and key features, speeds, facts and figures.

The next 10 days was spent learning how to fly an aircraft in a circuit at an airport (a standard pattern flown to help manage traffic), emergencies, and stalls. It was a tough schedule, flying an hour a day, with plenty of study and revision in between, learning the necessary, speeds, skills, techniques and taking care of the aircraft.

Over the 14 day course I was able to strengthen and make new friendships with like-minded people from across Australia, all the while learning skills and experiences I will carry for life. The training was ended in the last two days with the final lesson and a check flight to consolidate and assess all the skills learned before going on my first solo, something that I will never forget. Being told you can take a plane all by yourself, all the responsibility and to take off, make the radio calls, and enjoy the world’s best office, after a short 14 days is incredible. The bliss of a quiet cockpit, a beautiful view and the quiet hum of the engine. I flew solo in 12 days of flying, my dreams came true because I was able to put in the work and became the second solo pilot of my course.


Inquiry Based Learning

As part of our Inquiry Based Learning program at Year 10, students generated and shared their minor projects amongst their peers in the final class of the semester. It was great to see the questions that they generated from a visual prompt and the projects that were put together within a limited timeframe. The task involved students sharing what they though in relation to a certain issue and will work in their classes on responding to a question focused on a global issue. Some of the questions generated from the discussions included:

  • Why do issues such as global warming and climate change still occur?
  • Why do individuals have to suffer from such poor treatment of our own environment and planet?
  • How long until the world runs out of resources?
  • What will happen when Antarctica will melt into the sea?
  • Why do people get denied the right to an education?


Students worked to resolve the question posed to them and presented their solution to their peers and other members of the College community. Through this minor project, it will help prepare our young people in facing the demands of an ever-changing world, whereby skills of collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and ethical thinking are the capabilities that business and industry look for in the hiring of a 21st century workforce.

Next semester will see us launching into our major projects and students will be working with peers who share similar interests to them and answering questions on a larger scale based on a certain theme and presenting their findings to the wider community.


Free Tutoring Service

Studiosity is an online tutoring and study help service; free for members of Casey Cardinia Libraries. It costs nothing to join Casey Cardinia Libraries and membership applications can be completed online. The tutors are available between 3.00pm and 10,00pm, Sunday to Friday, during school terms.

Studiosity tutors can assist students with a wide range of topics, including: English, essay writing, maths, science, economics, business studies, legal studies, geography, research, study, and searching skills. We recommend that students submit work a few days before their assessments are due to allow the tutors adequate time to provide feedback. If you need any help accessing Studiosity, please speak to Ms Williams or the staff in the LRC.Studiosity can be assessed here


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