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Vice Principal News – 26 March 2020

  In these uncertain times, I hope that parents can feel some confidence in how the College will be able to continue to facilitate student achievement if a period of remote learning is required.  The College has been pre...

Vice Principal News – 12 March 2020

  Lent  During this season of Lent students have been offered the opportunity to reflect upon their life and their relationship with God. Students have been praying and considering action which is inspired by Christ’s te...

Vice Principal News – 27 February 2020

  Cycle 1 Reports and Student Progress Meetings   Cycle 1 Reports, and the Student Progress Meetings bookings site on PAM, will be published, and will open, respectively on the following dates: Years 7 to 9: 26 February...

Tim Newcomb

Tim Newcomb

Vice Principal of St Francis Xavier College

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