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Principal News – 16 May 2019

  Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. I hope all mothers received the accolades and attention they richly deserve. My mother was not always known to mince her words. A bit of a straight shooter really. She was not a big fan of...

Principal News – 2 May 2019

  I have recently returned from a period of study at the end of last term and over the holidays. I did a range of courses in the School of Business at Oxford University looking at a range of topics including project mana...

Principal News – 4 April 2019

  Please note: Due to a mix up, the Principal News for 21 March and 4 April articles were swapped accidentally during editing. If you would like to read the correct 21 March article, please click here.   Easter. What doe...

Vincent J Feeney

Vincent J Feeney

Principal of St Francis Xavier College

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