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Principal News – 13 February 2020

  Address to student leaders February 2020   Good morning students and staff Today is about coming together to deepen your understanding of what can be achieved this year through imaging a better 2020, and then working t...

Principal News – 5 December 2019

  Emma Jelavic spoke eloquently at the final mass for Year 12 students just prior to the start of the exam period. I remember her words at this time when so many families are finishing their connection with the College a...

Principal News – 14 November 2019

  From next week, students will commence their 2020 studies with a preparatory period of up to 3 weeks. This should help all students able to start the new year already understanding what is expected of them. They will m...

Vincent J Feeney

Vincent J Feeney

Principal of St Francis Xavier College

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