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Officer Campus – 13 February 2020

  Welcome – Be the Hands and Heart of God  Happy New Year to all members of our Officer Campus community, particularly to the families of our new Year 7 students. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing holid...

Officer Campus – 5 December 2019

  Christmas Wishes Christmas is a magical time for children. For me it is time to reflect with gratitude on all the gifts in my life; family, friends, freedom and a great education. As a child, Christmas meant a long wai...

Officer Campus – 14 November 2019

  Year 10 2020 Commencement program Congratulations to all Year 9 students on their efforts over the past few weeks in participating in examinations. This week has been more focused on celebrating the contributions of al...

Lisa Harkin

Lisa Harkin

Deputy Principal - Head of Campus - Officer

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