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Beaconsfield News – 31 May 2018

  Parent Focus Groups Dear parents/guardians, Our College is a faith filled learning community in which the gospel message is clearly in evidence; one which acknowledges Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Each me...

Beaconsfield News – 17 May 2018

  Women of Note Casey Mentor Breakfast On Friday 4 May, Kayla Eastwood, Tanya Oogathoo and ourselves were invited to the Women of Note Casey Mentor Breakfast held at Bunjil Place. This program provides girls with the opp...

Religious Education Department – 17 May 2018

Catholic Education Week Catholic Education Week concluded on Friday May 4. A highlight of the week was an activity organised by the Year 11 Youth Ministry students. Our students were invited to wear a different colored p...

Rebecca Cetrola

Rebecca Cetrola

Deputy Principal - Head of Campus - Beaconsfield

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