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Beaconsfield Campus – 17 October 2019

  Traffic Management at the Beaconsfield Campus Over the past school term, the College has made major enhancements to the traffic management of the Beaconsfield Campus. These include: Drop off and pick up zones both wi...

Beaconsfield Campus – 19 September 2019

  As we conclude Term 3, I have been reflecting on all that has been happening and achieved at the Beaconsfield Campus this term. I congratulate the students who have entered in to their learning positively. I commend al...

Beaconsfield Campus – 05 September 2019

  Government House Report  Last week a selected group of students visited Government House at the invitation of the Governor, Linda Dessau, and her husband Anthony Howard.  The invitation was offered to some of my Year 1...

Rebecca Cetrola

Rebecca Cetrola

Deputy Principal - Head of Campus - Beaconsfield

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