Environment Report

Environment – 16 May 2019

  With the change of seasons coming into winter the time has come for a hot drink to warm us up on the brisk wintery days we have here in Melbourne. It’s bean awhile since the weather has been this cold. Picture this, a ...

Environment – 4 April 2019

  Hope for change Speech given at Assembly by Environment Captain Izaiah Roch Let me question you with this, what have you been hopeful for? Why did that particular event make you feel hopeful? We have all have been hop...

Environment – 2 May 2019

  Reducing wastage at school and at home Reduce your waste with tips from the Environment Club   What many people fail to realise is that the worldwide wastage issue stretches much further than simply litter. Below are ...

Izaiah Roch

Izaiah Roch

Environment Captain

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