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Community News – 30 May 2019

  Paren Focus Group The Parent Focus Group offers an opportunity for parents to gather and share a parent’s perspective regarding school matters such as Catholic Identity, wellbeing, pathways and connectedness to the Col...

Community News – 16 May 2019

  From First Aid Please be advised that two new adrenaline auto injectors are now available for people at risk of anaphylaxis. These include: The Mylan (generic version of the EpiPen) The Emerade. If your child’s medic...

Community News – 2 May 2019

  At St Francis Xavier College, we are committed to improving learning outcomes for our students. Throughout Term 1 we offered several opportunities for parents to visit the college and continue to actively engage with e...

Vera Treloar

Vera Treloar

Deputy Principal - Community Engagement

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