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Community News – 16 May 2019

  From First Aid Please be advised that two new adrenaline auto injectors are now available for people at risk of anaphylaxis. These include: The Mylan (generic version of the EpiPen) The Emerade. If your child’s medic...

Community News – 2 May 2019

  At St Francis Xavier College, we are committed to improving learning outcomes for our students. Throughout Term 1 we offered several opportunities for parents to visit the college and continue to actively engage with e...

Community News – 4 April 2019

  PARENTING BOYS by Maggie Dent   Research has shown that parents treat their boys and girls differently right from infancy. For example, infant boys are touched more frequently and handled more roughly before the age of...

Vera Treloar

Vera Treloar

Deputy Principal - Community Engagement

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