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Community News – 26 March 2020

  Student Achievement Our students and staff continue to impress me and serve as wonderful ambassadors for our College. During the recent senior school Progress Meetings our second year VET Hospitality students and staff...

Community News – 12 March 2020

  SIS Music St Francis Xavier College students are participating in the SIS BIG Night concert at the Drum Theatre in Dandenong on 24 March at 7.30pm. You will enjoy the combined efforts of 10 SIS schools in the ensemble ...

Community News – 27 February 2020

  PARENT RESOURCES St Francis Xavier College collaborates with Parenting Ideas in order to share valuable material with our parents. We hope that you find these resources useful. You are encouraged to access the free web...

Vera Treloar

Vera Treloar

Deputy Principal - Community Engagement

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