Travel Conveyance Allowance


Students attending St Francis Xavier College (Beaconsfield or Officer Campus) may be eligible for financial support through the Conveyance Allowance Program to assist with the cost of transport.


The conveyance allowance is available to students travelling by:

  • Public transport
  • Private car
  • Private bus (retained by the College)


To be eligible for the Conveyance Allowance:

  1. attend their nearest government or non-government school/campus appropriate to their year level at which admission is permissible;
  2. be enrolled at a school/campus outside Melbourne’s metropolitan conveyance boundary (Beaconsfield or Officer campus only);
  3. reside 4.8km or more by the shortest practicable route from that school/campus attended;
  4. be of school age (5 to 18 years old at time of application) and reside in Victoria.


For 2020, please note:

  • Public transport applications must include proof of purchase of a half-yearly or yearly Victorian Student Pass
  • Applicants who were previously declined should re-apply only if they have changed their home address


For private car and public transport travel, the College will allocate the full amount received from The Department of Education against the family School Fee Account.

Click below to download an application form


For Private Bus travel, families must submit a Conveyance Allowance application at the time of completing the Private Bus Travel Contract.

The College will use Conveyance Allowance funds received from DET to reduce the cost of the Private Bus Service for the College and for families. All eligible student travellers must apply for the Conveyance Allowance and authorise the College to retain the allowance. This assists the College to continue to subsidise the cost of the Private Bus Service.

Application forms can be submitted to Student Services or via email at

All claims must be submitted during the current calendar year. Late claims cannot be accepted after the Term 4 closing date.


2020 Claim Period

We request all forms to be submitted 1 week before the closing date to allow time for processing.

Term 1 – Close 06/03/2020 – April statement

Term 2 – Close 05/06/2020 – July statement

Term 3 – Close 28/08/2020- October statement

Term 4 – Close 27/11/2020 – Dec 2020 statement, sent in Jan 2021.


Further Information


If you have any queries or need help, please contact our Transport Coordinator.

Kirsty Burkwood

Transport Coordinator

03 9707 3111

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