WANTED!! Old Smartphones

St Francis Xavier College requires any unwanted smartphones for school projects.

Older iPhones and Android based smartphones can still be of great value in our Robotics, Electronics and Digital Technologies classes as we can use them to control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled devices like robots, Sphero, mBots and similar by downloading and installing apps on to them.

So if you have any iPhones, iPods, Android Phones like Samsung, HTC and similar, we would like to take them off your hands. Clean out that drawer of technology and put it to use in your child’s school. Donations from friends are welcome too!

It doesn’t matter if they have a weak battery, an annoying crack or scratch, or no charger (although if you DO have a charger, all the better). Charger only donations will be accepted also! Just make sure you remove the sim card and do a factory reset if you can (but we’ll be doing that anyway, just to make sure)

Please send them along to school and hand them in to Reception. These Holidays may be a great time to have a tidy and feel good about where your donation will end up.

Many thanks,

Wes Branchflower, eLearning Coordinator (Berwick)

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