Year 10

Most students undertake a course of study comprised of Year 10 Core and Elective subjects that will consolidate the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete VCE or VCAL. English, Mathematics and Religious Education are all full year subjects. Every other option, other than Language: Japanese, is for one semester only. Electives in Year 10 provide the opportunity for students to study a range of subjects that interest them and give them an insight into the subject areas they would like to pursue in VCE or VCAL in 2018.

A number of students will have demonstrated academic excellence and qualify to be accelerated into a Unit 1 & 2 VCE subject.

  • There are compulsory subjects that must be studied
  • Each subject described in the Handbook provides details of the topics and the learning skills that will be required for success
  • Many Year 10 subjects are advised pre-requisites for VCE Units
  • Acceleration into VCE and VCE-VET subjects will require a separate application form to be completed.

Core Subjects

All students are required to study:

  • Religious Education, English and Mathematics for the full year
  • Science and History for one semester


All students are required to study one elective from each of the following Learning Areas:

  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts
  • Technology
  • a further 3 electives chosen from any of the Learning Areas will complete the program for the year
  • if Japanese is selected it must be studied for the full year.

Year 10



English Study 1*



ONE compulsory








English Study 2*



ONE compulsory


One PE/Health





 Accelerated Learning

The College considers participation in Accelerated Learning a privilege for students who have demonstrated academic excellence and are working at a level well above their peers in the learning area they wish to study.


The following VCE and VCE-VET subjects will be offered to Year 10 students who wish to apply for acceleration:

Units 1 and 2 Biology

Units 1 and 2 Business Management

Units 1 and 2 Computing

Units 1 and 2 General Mathematics

Units 1 and 2 Health and Human Development

Units 1 and 2 Japanese

Units 1 and 2 Literature

Units 1 and 2 Music Performance

Units 1 and 2 Physical Education

Units 1 and 2 Psychology

Units 1 and 2 Religion and Society

Units 1 and 2 Studio Arts

VCE-VET:    Cert III in Information, Digital Media Technology (1st Year)

VCE-VET:    Cert III in Music Industry (Sound Production) (1st Year)

VCE-VET:    Certificate II in Business (1st Year)

VCE-VET:    Certificate II in Kitchen Operations (1st Year)

VCE-VET:    Certificate III in Screen and Media (1st Year)

For further information on Core, Elective and Accelerated Learning Subjects please download the 2018 – Years 10 to 12 Subject Selection Booklet

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