Travelling to St Francis Xavier College

There are many possibilities for parents to transport students to school, such as by car, public bus, private bus, walking or riding a bicycle.

Private Bus

Private Bus

The College has an extensive Private Bus fleet to assist parents in transporting children to and from school. Registrations for 2019 bus service will open at 9.00am on Monday, 22 October 2018 and close at 5.00pm Monday, 5 November 2018. Please complete the online registration at 2019 Bus Registration Form • Read the 2018 Bus Information Booklet to determine which bus you need to register for • Click on the link to complete the registration form • Complete 1 registration per child • Ensure all details submitted are correct • Once submitted you will receive an email notification acknowledging your application The data we receive will be used to plan and finalise all 2019 bus routes. We understand that at this point in time there may not be an exact bus route that suits your needs, however, please register for the service and select the bus best suited to you. Once registrations close, the data will be analysed together with our service provider (Ventura Transit Pty Ltd) and all bus routes will be finalised. The College will endeavour to accommodate your needs and allocate as many students as we possibly can on all bus routes. If you require further information please email

Public Transport

Public Transport

Find out the best way for students to get to school via Public Trains and Buses

Pick up / Drop off

Pick up / Drop off

Discover the most efficient way to pick up/drop of your child at St Francis Xavier College

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